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My babies... Advice is most definitely needed! First time growing.


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I have just switched my miracle grow to some organic stuff from home hardware. The temp usually lies between 23-26 degrees during the day and 22-23 degrees at night. I am currently using two plants that have flood lights on them. Someone said the soil is too moist and that they need more light, it seems as though the clorophill gets bleached out when the lights go closer.. thats why the plants lookedd bare because I pruned most of the bleached leaves as they were dead.... should I just add another lamp? If anyone else can spot anything else out thats wrong with my babies, feel free to let me know! I need as much info as possible. Their about 2 1/2 months old, And they stay with the 18/6 light schedule.


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somebody far more experienced than me will answer your question, I'm sure. to me, they look over watered and under lit.


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You said your using flood lights? What type of lights are those if I may ask? For VEG growth you would want either CFL (compact fluorocents) in the Blue Kelvin temperature range 6500K or higher. I preferably use CFL for seedlings and early clones and Metal Halide lighting for remainder of VEG . They are stretching very badly due to lack of available light.


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They will be able to recover from the stretching once I add some more light, right?

you can't un-stretch them, and they've got no side branches, so it's unlikely that you're going to get anything great from them. best advice is to read the guide on here, and start over again rather than spend the same time trying to rescue something that may never deliver - just my two pennies :Namaste:


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The floodlight is completely useless.

Another option is to top her just above the lowest node and try to clone the top, this will shorten your plant and give you a clone to work with as well. If the topping is successful when you transplant bury the plant as deep as you can to further shorten her.

And READ READ READ, you cannot read enough.


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They do look Indica dominant, I know you asked a few back.
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