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my bag seed chronicles

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A month or so ago, a guy I know scored a nice batch of "mids", depending on the definition. It had seeds in it, but it was a nice light green and a smorgasbord of hair...so I thought what the hell. My neigbor gave me some green country plain top soil and I wet paper toweled' some seeds. I got three goin...but one is lookin good...one is nice but shorter, and one hasnt grown in 3 weeks! I think I used too much miracle gro tomato bloom on it...

Pointers? Tips? Comments? Be my guest....
O yeah they're outside in the Midwest....
Re: my bagseed chronicles....

They look awefully wet... How often are you watering them?

Biggest mistake newbs make is overwatereing.
Re: my bagseed chronicles....

What is your soil? any vermiculite or anything for allowing oxygen to get to the roots?
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Re: my bagseed chronicles....

Just some plain green county top soil...maybe a few wood chunks and sticks...but I do plan on replanting em soon...
Re: my bagseed chronicles....

I'm not much of a dirt user..I do hydroponics...but someone with more experience with dirt will be along soon i'd imagine and be better able to help.

I personally don't think using just Miracle Grow bloom would be good...they are in vegetative growth mode..and need a lot of nitrogen.

The Plant in the green pot has a lower leaf that looks pale and is probably from nitrogen deficiency.

Every 2 days on watering also sounds too often.
Re: my bagseed chronicles....

And by the way.. Welcome to :420:

You will get all the help you need on these forums from lots of experienced Dirt Growers.
Re: my bagseed chronicles....

I do know a little but have not had any experience with dirt grows.
All my experience has been using hydro with is a different animal all together.

But I've done a lot of reading on here also, and it helps with general knowledge.
Its middle Saturday afternoon and I would think more people will be along later this evening.
There's a problem pictorial in my signature that shows different symptoms for different reasons and is always a good reference point.
Re: my bagseed chronicles....

Thanks man...I definitely appreciate the diagnosis....I gotta pee in em for some nitrogen....lol
Lol....pee can burn the hell out of them.

I don't know that its much of a diagnosis..there are alot of reasons that a deficiency can start.
It could be over watering killing the roots..it could be nutrients, It could be alot of reasons.

I would wait until someone with Dirt experience or more experience weights in..Like http://www.420magazine.com/forums/members/kingjohnc.html
Re: my bagseed chronicles....

I think your answers are already in this thread.

The soil looks too wet. (wait until the top is completely dry and then stick your finger in, if you feel "moist" then you don't need to water).
A dry period is good for the roots to search for more water and will help your plant in the long run by giving it more places to intake nutes during flowering.
I usually wait until the leaves are drooping down from underwatering before giving them more water in veg (that could have been a good 5-6 days after watering the first time for my 15l pot).
As you said you might have given them too much miracle grow, you probably have, the lower leaves look like they have suffered a bit of nute burn. Noting too serious though, just check your levels before you water with nutrients again, remember, you can always add more if you feel like you didn't put enough in, but you'll have more trouble taking them out.

If you transplant them, it would be a good idea to put in something that will help the soil drain faster, like perlite or gravel, just for drainage, other than that, you look like you're on the right track.

hope this helped.

Re: my bagseed chronicles....

Miracle grow is a nono. It's too hard to use, and time release stuff can just cause massive problems when you need to flush them. 'Massive Problems' also includes complete plant death.

I suggest a high quality 2 part or 3 part nutrient system.

Watering every 2 days in that soil is WAYYYYYYYYYYY too often.I have 5-6 gallon pots full, and don't water any more than every 5 days. I suggest at least 15% perlite in your soil, 25% preferably. Cannabis likes a well drained soil.

I agree with the Nitrogen deficiency above.

Over watering will stunt your plants growth, it will attract insects, it will eventually kill your plants, and it will cause root rot.

I'm also not a fan of using urine for feeding my plants. The basic concept of urinating into something I plan to use for medication doesn't sit well with me. And Pee all you want, you'll still be missing other nutes. Cannabis needs the basic NPK, It needs micro nutes as well. Calcium and Magnesium should be included with most micro nutes.