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My Big Girls - Outdoor 2015 - Central WA - Blue Hash & Power Kush

Donny Danko

New Member
Hello and welcome to my 2nd outdoor grow. Freebies from Dinafem: 1x Blue Hash and 1x Power Kush. Soaked the seeds for 24 hours, then into solo cups. Popped above soil ~4/20/2015. Moved outside when low temps were over 34 degrees Fahrenheit. Moved to 5 gallon pots, then to 10 gallon dirt pots. Eventually buried the pots when it became evident that the plants would go over our 6ft fence!

Soil is Dr Earth's Homegrown POTting soil straight out of the bag. FF Big Bloom and Grow Big for veg, just added in Tiger Bloom for flower. Water is untreated tap. Not too worried about the small amount of flouride and chlorine in the water.

Climate is dry with ~300 days of sunshine a year! Temps are very variable. When I planted them in April, nighttime temps were barely above freezing. Fast forward to July and it has been over 100 in the day for weeks at a time.

I will post pics periodically as the upload process is kind of tedious on my iPhone.

Donny Danko

New Member
You'll have to have a little party with your closest friends to harvest those ladies. That trunk looks like a TREE!

Thanks. I am thinking I will do a staggered harvest over a couple of weeks. I find trimming to be soothing and rewarding, so i will have a great time regardless of how many people are helping. I just hope I have space in my shower stall to dry it all. It's going to be hangers hanging from hangers hanging from hangers!
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