My Blue Moon

howdy everyone I'am slightly new here so bare with me:)
this is how it goes what you growin? pot
in what are you growin in? A pot
dirt or soil? yup
lighting? everything I got
temps? a lot cooler then it was
what kind? blue moonshine
indica sativa mix
pictures after while when mama gets her camera out:)
they are a little over a foot tall now, I have taken the cfls and now the hps after repotting so they should start growing well. I also have another that is going to be a mother if I ever do a clone right LOL. so this is the begining?:welcome:
could any of you at 420 make me a signuture please kitty or 420 girl?
Hey Fish Cake

Can't wait to see them!! I just did a strain review on Blue Moonshine ... the strain from Dutch Passion or so I am told. If you are growing the same plant I am they clone wicked easy :cheesygrinsmiley:

Go get her camera, point it at the plants and push the biggest round button!! Do EEEET! :cheesygrinsmiley:

cool to see the new journal
welcome Yall, lets see if I do better than last time. last time was good
glad to have you on board:cheer:
hey GF I will get some pics up today before I set my scrog screen.
last time I fiMed my critical sensi star and had started flowering before I started the scrog. this time I have a better idea of whats going to happen. so this should be a good one:) but we will see:)
my screen is 2'x4' and I plan on filling every bit before flower.
also I'am trying to reveg my css. I hope I can do it so I can make a mother out of her.
I know that I said this would be my last grow but I figure if I time it right I may get 2 more before its over. fingers crossed:peace:
Better than last time? Even if you just learn a new technique that you didn't know before and yield is exactly the same as last, it'll be a better grow. The point is to learn, and I dare say, Xlr8, OldMedMan, and all the other good growers are still doing just that... learning new things with each grow.

sho you right my freind:)
no one will ever know it all! thats what makes it a fun rewarding hobby:)
I have a 2nd row seat but I am right in the middle!! Yee Haw!! :thumb:
Hey fishcake .got a new one going huh ? great..I havent been around much recently . ..lots of issues ..but all better now ..lets get on with this thing:slide:
Hey fishcake .got a new one going huh ? great..I havent been around much recently . ..lots of issues ..but all better now ..lets get on with this thing:slide:

welcome sfw,glad to have you along:)
I will I will whats a grow journal with out pics.
promise today!
Have been lurking here reading a lot of the completed journals will be following this one closely thanks for sharing! That goes for everyone who has helped me without even knowing!
grab a doobie find a seat and we will light this candle!
since mamas at school right now let me add some filler:)
a man gets paid on friday and goes to the bar for a drink. well he has a few to many and gets sick all over himself.
He says to the guy next to him"Oh No! now my wife is going to know that I got too drunk at the bar."
the other guy tells him "hey stick 20 bucks in your shirt pocket and when you get home hand it to her and tell her the guy next to you got sick on you and he gave you $20 to get your shirt cleaned."
the man said "thats a great Idea I'll do it"
as soon as he got home and walked through the door his wife was there tapping her foot.
she says " I knew it! you were at the bar and got to drunk again. look at you. you puked all over yourself!"
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he handed her the money. she said "hold on a minute there is $40 here"
In witch he replied " oh yeah he shit my pants too!"
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