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My baby in 20 days of vegetation under 600w MH.Restaurant in 25 liters of pots with earth, coconut, perlite ... Eleven roses, Delicius seeds Dark star, T.H.Seeds Northern lights, Sensi seeds Cindirela 99, brothers grimm



I'm coming up with new pictures and progress
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irie lion

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Hey @Hazeri!

Nice setup, healthy plants, and a really good strain selection.
Really good growth between your first post and your last update.
Looks like you've got everything under control, so i'll take a seat and enjoy the show!
Have you got a date you would like to flip the plants to flower, or taking it as it goes?
Peace :lot-o-toke:


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Greetings to growers on this 420 day:green_heart::thumb:
Here's my plants in 3 days at 12/12.
Dark star, T.H.Seeds
Eleven roses, Delicius seeds
Northern lights, Sensi seeds

Three indices for insomnia and pain:cough:

Cindirela 99, Brothers grimm
Against the anxiety of the moon with a rich cbd plant:snowboating:
I will pass this information and this my little journal to bring a rich cannabinoids. I will accompany the pictures and the explanations.

Day 33


Northern lights always first went to the flower clasicc:yahoo:


irie lion

Nug of the Month: May 2019
Hey @Hazeri it's looking great in there! Looks like the flowers are pushing some real pistils now!
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