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irie lion

Nug of the Month: May 2019
You're growing some top quality bud @Hazeri! :adore::bravo: Congrats on the harvest. Beautiful compact nugs packed with trichomes! Dark Star looking good too, how much longer will it go?


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We're going to work a family medicine. Here I got 22 ml CCO(Dark star,NL,Eleven rosses)and 14 ml CCO Candida, Jack Herer.


Bioboms I made a trial capsule. I put 3 ml CCO(Dark star, NL, Eleven roses) on 40 ml of coconut oil and 10 ml of lecithin and terpene mycelium, lemonade -50 capsules.

For the cream, I used CCO Candida 99, Jack Herer, CBD Carmagnolia 1-1-1 ml.
Coconut oil 40 ml, chicken wax 30 ml.

Cream for all types of skin diseases. It is very good for chronic pain.

Now I'm going to make Biobombs with olive oil from variety;
Dark star
Ultra sour
They are for a good dream:cough::ganjamon::yummy:
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irie lion

Nug of the Month: May 2019
Those lil’ girls are gonna need some support and airflow to strengthen those stems and prevent them falling over and snapping the stems :ganjamon: nice choice of genetics. The cheese varieties are my favorite! :yummy:
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