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my choice of nutes. help and input wanted


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Hi there ladies and gents.
Im a quite skilled homegrower with alot of try and fail and a fair bit of sucsess over the past 13 years on and of growing..
I know quite a bit but all in all i got alot more to learn and i think we all do need others opinions and tios, i dont trust people that think they know it all in such a complex field..

So i have tried alot of various nutes mediums and setups over the years and i live i scandinavia so the selection of nutes aint the biggest but big enough imo.
I plan to do a allmost all organic grow this time and i have chosen coco bricks mixed with 20% perlite and 20% vermiculite in mosty 11l square pots. Have a couple of led lights and one more on the way and backed up by a 600w hps for mid to late bloom just to try boost the most out of my homebox 1m2.
So i have bought General organics bio root plus, go bio worm, go bio weed(seaweed),go biothrive grow and not bought the bloom since i allready have advanced nutrients mother earth supertea for bloom and backed it up with a bottle biobizz bio bloom.
So i wonder if there is any other MUST have too buy in this line or other supplements.
I also plan to buy advanced nutes big bud,b52 and overdrive as a pk booster, also had very good results using general hydroponics europe on other nutes earlier and really love their ghe Ripen for the last 10days of flushing as i have tried it on clones earlier with and without and it made a hell of a difference both in taste and potency not too mention the amount of trichomes..

Any experience in using either general organics bio line or biobizz??
I wonder if the grow and bloom are added all micro nutes since they dont carry micro in the lines and they dont have anything called pk boosters in their lines so im gonna add an overdrive to be sure they get their p and k at the right amounts.
I dont think its a must too buy all of their additives since its quite a few, like bio urtica,diamond black ++.
I guess the biothrive bud or whateva it was called is about the same as biobizz topmax but im not sure.??

In advance thanks for tips tricks and input..


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Well that will be a complex feeding schedule u got there. General hydroponics has a full line that r all made to work together, was it personal preference to mix these up? I don't have all the knowledge for all these, is cal/mAg covered in the general organic bio line? U could probably save quite a bit if u looked into compost and Benny tea for veg. But that's just what works for me, and if u got ur mix down I wouldn't change it. When I faced this question I started looking at the ingredients and not just the n-p-k, it takes time but u can replicate there effects if not recipe for these products and pay pennies on the dollar.
I hope that falls under tips and tricks and doesn't mess up ur decisions.


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Thanx. No it was what i had available at the moment and i thought i give it a try too see how it works,i too was wondering about the cal/mag in the products i have or if any of the planned to buy products include enough calmag or if i shall buy stand alone cal anf mag and mix in.idk yet.
I dont want too trouble my head with making my own nutes, just want too keep it quite simple but still get the stimuli they need.
Thanx for input btw :)
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