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My clone snapped by the soil!


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ok im very new espeacially to growin clones and well my clone stood 4 1/2 inches and it snapped by the soil i have it splinted its been a day now the leaves are gettin worse i want to know 1 how many hours of sun does a clone need two should i give it more light now or should i just finish snappin the stem completly cover it with soil ?:>} man im worried bout my baby northern lights 100% indica i dont want to lose her... i will provide pics but not sure how to upload them to the thread experts please help me i know patiences is virture but i really dont want to lose this one i have no cloning agent left the soil is a mix of bat fish and some other guanno top grade if that helps at all

desperat for answers :17:


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honestly you might wanna start looking into getting something started just in case. but until hopes completely run out and its withered and dead. the best thing you can do is just prop it back together and wrap it with electrical tape. if its not already rooted, chances are its gunna die or survive but be like the mutant freak from hills have eyes lol as to your questions

1 clones need 24/7 light to root, takes btwn 7-10 days. once rooted and planted keep light 24 hours until flower to get the best results(larger root mass= bigger plants)
2 clones dont need alot to survive one t5 over it will get it through its recovery. too much light for it being so young will stress it out

HaPpY GrOwN :roorrip:
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