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My Drug Testing Conclusion: Quit

I’ve come back to the US recently. I lived in Japan for a long time but got in trouble for growing ganja. I’m not in a legal State, so the tools of oppression are used freely. Discrimination in the workforce exists for all of us. I came to this forum for Drug Testing info. It’s discouraging. I did the Pre-Employment 5-Panel and passed by substitution just barely. I can’t go on fighting the system. I’m too old, poor, unconnected, uninsured. I’m starting a new job tomorrow trying to recover from my binges and I live at the whim of losing it if confronted suddenly with another test.

The Law is a really convenient tool of oppression for authorities. They can threaten you with it and intimidate you. After studying this forum, I’ve come to the conclusion that my only hope to survive in this environment is to be totally drug free. I’m really ashamed I fucked this up and fell back into it. Will I ever learn?


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Move to Michigan or Colorado. Some places test but a lot of them won't unless you have a substantial accident while at work. Much much safer and zero paranoia. Best of everything friend.

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I quit for 20 years due to random testing, just don't replace with cigs if you don't smoke already as that chit harder to quit than hard drugs and totally legal everywhere.


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I agree for cigs and alco - they both not worth to gat back if you ever tried ganja style.. Since I analyzed my behaviour under different things, the grass is the more safer way to go. It's not easy to learn, but I got extreme dose of understanding the reality after my first two experience with LSD..
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