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My edibles made me sick, too strong?


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Well, they worked at least. I was high as F**K for almost 6 hours, but right around the 4th I was making love to the toilet. I wasn't the only one either, another one of my friends threw up in the morning, and two other felt sick. Some were fine though, one guy left before they took affect, hit the bars and was fine. Same for another guy, minus the bars.
Does this happen a lot? It was my first time making cannabutter, so yeah. I had a lot too, and I kept eating the batter as I made the cookies (didn't want to waste!), so perhaps I overdosed...? I didn't freak out, I was having a great time til my stomach revolted.
I made my cannabutter with about 18g (mids) plus a shit ton of vaped weed, all ground into dust with a coffee grinder. I put in 4 sticks of butter, got 1 cup of greeeeen butter. Nice and gross.

I filtered it with a metal reusable coffee filter, seemed to work ok. It was a pain in the ass, but I didn't notice any particles in the batter after I mixed the cannabutter in. Definitely getting a cheesecloth next time though. Oh I made sugar cookies by the way. They were green too lol.
The cookies were less gross than the batter, but still pretty damn gross. Don't think I'll be doing that recipe again (I got it from this site by the way). Cooked em at 300F for twenty minutes, made about twenty big cookies. Think I had three or four, maybe more lol.
But I'd never heard of people throwing up from edibles, just bad trips. And I ate a LOT of munchies too, perhaps it was just too much food.
Anyone have a similar experience? Think they were just too potent? Gotta get this right so I'll be good to see Excision at the end of the month :]
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how fine did u crush the marijuana?
i hear this ratio is best
25 grams of marijuana
500 grams of butter
how long did let the mix sit 2-3 hours?

as far as what u made from the pic up top i cant tell what u made lol i kno brownies are 25-30 mins at 350F
and a lot others are 350F+


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I'm more apt to believe your sickness came from eating too much food not necessarily the canna butter. juss my 2-cents.


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Did you let it sit in the refrigerator? If you left it out it probably curdled and bacteria built up to levels that would make you sick.
Have never gotten sick of off edibles but I use the oil routine instead of butter. Basically the same thing you do with butter. Powder the weed, add the amount of oil neded for the recipe into a sauce pain and put it on a low simmer for about 20 minutes, then add to the recipe and bake.


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Sounds to me like it could have been a number of factors, but if you get those ironed out, next time should be fine. Keep it in the freezer until you are ready to use it, try a new recipe that might better compliment the weed (maybe carrot cake or spice cake), and take it slow and easy next time. You really do need to wait for a dose to take effect (up to 90 minutes) before you take another one. After the first time with a new recipe you will know exactly how much to eat if you keep things consistent. The first time is bound to be trial and error. Good luck!


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I doubt is was the cannabis itself...could have been the raw batter you were eating or just too much food for your stomach. Like cowgirl said, after a couple times you'll have them dialed in perfectly for your own personal preference.

good luck :)



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I like to make oil more since it lasts practically forever.. If you make hash and use that for the oil, it will have less of the grassy shit taste and taste much better than ground up plant matter


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It probably had something to do with using vaped weed, especially if you used " a shit ton". I've seen many people throw up just from smoking vaped "zombie" weed, let alone eating it. Once the weed has been put in a vaporizer, pretty much all of the THC is gone and there's no point in using it. That could also be why they tasted really bad. I say, try it again with just mids and no zombie weed


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Sorry but to the person that posted before this you are completely incorrect. When vaporizing your cannabis to a light brown color their is about 60% of the THC gone. When vaping it to a dark black color there is still about 5% of the THC left which still can make a very dank batch of cookies or brownies if you have 3-4 ounces of it. But their is always some THC left when vaping simply because you are not com busting the plant.


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I ate 3 candies one night and it made me hurl. I have no tolerance and I believe it was an overdose. I know people swear you can't overdose but I think it was. I smoked 1 bong hit & 1 hit of bho oil today and it made me feel pukey. I'm scared to try edibles again.


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Think you ate to much plant material. Try course ground bud and leaf. 1\4 inch size works good, easier to strain. We cook at 160 to 170 degrees in a crock pot with water added for 12 plus hours. The water actually helps remove impurites that can make your stomach upset. I eat and smoke pretty heavy and i rarely dose over a teaspoon worth. Ive never used bought bud usually just fresh stuff. Looks way to green to me. After evry batch i dont smoke, eat a teaspoon worth and judge th effects and dose accordingly. Had breakfast with friends and a girl who really doesnt burn was couch locked from 8am to 8 pm....lol. i like to do linguini with a clam sauce then add the butter after its done to eaxh serving to control the best i can. Keep at it you will get it

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