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My Experience Using Sierra Natural Science Spider Mite Spray


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i wonder if u could send me a sample because i cant get it in canada i will pay for any costs or shipping?


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So I found some of the little bastards on some clones that I received from a friend. Went to the hydro store and asked about SNS 217.....they had just received some sample bottles (4 oz) and said I could have a bottle if I would let them know how it worked. Prior to going to the hydro store, I grabbed my $12 radio shack magnifier and looked at the little bastards and their eggs. The eggs were white and round like a bb. Sprayed 'em 2 days ago and examined again today under the magnifier. The mites were tits-up, with their legs folded in and definately history. Here is the best part...the eggs were distorted and crumpled and brown. First product I've seen that did that! So this product will be always be on my shelf!
Just gave out a bunch of samples glad to hear this


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I just got my free sample today :) ......after reading this I'm excited to start using it. My buddy has major issues and seems to be in a delusion that spraying ivory soap and tap water once a day is working fine.


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I have little tiny spiders on my plants, with webs everywhere, are those spider mites or just a small spider. And if they are just spiders will they hurt the plant?


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I have little tiny spiders on my plants, with webs everywhere, are those spider mites or just a small spider. And if they are just spiders will they hurt the plant?
yes sorry to say you have spider mites this is not a laughing matter, but at least your on the right web site, you can find very help full info right here just check out the pest forum in here hope this helps good luck.


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I'm pretty impressed with the SNS 217, after 2 applications all mite are gone or dead! So far my buddy hasn't seen them back yet after a week or so. Thank you 420 magazine for having quality sponsors!!:yummy::thumb:


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so after reading these threads I walked out to my rosemary bush, cut a handful of tops, dropped them in a pot of water, slow boiled for about15 to 20 minutes turned off the burner and let it soak over night. Next morning I strained the tea it was a bit dark so I diluted til it looked like dark iced tea. Put it in a 32 oz spray bottle
added 1 tablespoon of spinosad and
200 lb dose of Ivermectin horse paste,
shake shake shake til the ivermectin is disolved (takes a lot of shaking).
Spray well get underside especially. drippy
all the mites I find still on the plants so far are dead and the eggs seem to be dust, not full looking. if this works I will be thrilled I have huge rosemary bushes in my yard and all I need to cure spider mites if this is the remedy. I'll know in a few more days.


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Just found Spider Mites on my plants!!! Everyone of them! I have been sooooo careful. I have mushrooms on both intakes. home defensed before building the room and during and after lol. Plastic on floor and walls that gets cleaned daily. My only guess is they were on the clones i bought. Only I haven't seen them till now and they are three weeks old. Where did the come from?

Found a 32 OZ bottle of this stuff on Amazon hope it works. One question. Does this stuff terminate the issue, or is it a treatment i will have to keep applying as I see infestations?


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I have to be honest, I'm not too impressed with the 217C. Killed a lot of the mites but not all of them. I drenched the poor plants too. I was disappointed to say the least. Wrote SNS an email and have never heard back from them.


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Reply from Sierra Natural Science

I searched our database and haven't been able to locate an email. We did have an issue with our server when we re-located and the email might have been lost. Sorry for any inconvenience.

With heavy infestations it will take more than one application. One female can lay up to 20 eggs per day and can live for 2 to 4 weeks, laying hundreds of eggs. You have to thoroughly coat both the mites and their eggs to kill them. With a life cycle of 3 days, I would suggest spraying/ drenching every 3 days until you have eradicated all mites. At which point I would suggest going on a 7-14 day schedule as preventative maintenance. Mites might have moved onto clothes or other objects that might be moved in and out of the room. Also, if another product was sprayed on the leaves prior to ours (within 2 days) it may block ours from working. I hope this helps. For further questions please email us at sales@sierranaturalscience.com

Also, in response to Greenhorned's question: Does this stuff terminate the issue, or is it a treatment i will have to keep applying as I see infestations?

SNS-217 was specifically formulated to not only kill the mites but to kill the eggs as well. The oils in our product have been formulated to not only disrupt the adult mite cell structure but to also penetrate the eggs outer layer and disrupt respiration to the egg. Adult spider mites quickly die and eggs simply wont hatch. With infestations, apply every 3 days until you have no more mites. Because plants easily attract mites I would suggest using SNS-217 on a 7-14 day schedule as preventative maintenance.


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I love this stuff. I had mites on my first grow. I got on here and did some research and ended up buying a bottle of the SNS-217. I ended up doing 3 applications in four day intervals. It killed every mite. I was mite free for over a year until I bought more clones from the dispensary. You guessed it, more mites. I just bought my second bottle of SNS-217 and it seems to have done the job again after one application (I am going to do another in a couple days). This stuff is bad ass and its the only mite spray I have ever used.


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G'day all great to see a very low toxic remedy for these bastards as they are real insidious. However a couple of comments regarding Butchers test with his outside garden. The picture is not Spider Mite but juvenile Aphids. Aphids are a much easier pest to kill with soapy water , white oil or at the most extreme pyrethrum. Have a search on the net at a pic of spider mite and you will immediately see a difference. I will try and chase up this product as I have just found my first blighters so want to get them before they do any more house making. Cheers Pat. PS I am a qualified Horticulturist with 15+ years experience.


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Thank you! I will go look for that product pronto! I have been plagued with the little spider mite pests. I even threw out a crop that was infested beyond help. This latest crop was doing great and I thought they were gone, but as soon as I snapped the lights for the flowering cycle they came back! AARRGGHH!
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