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My experience with Starlight dry herb vaporizer

I’m new to this world and I’m not a smoker.
I’m trying Maryjane because I suffer from insomnia ( awake at 4 am every night )
I started trying CBD oil but I didn’t found it particularly useful. Sometimes it did nothing and sometimes it gave me a sense of heaviness with some sickness. I’ve even tried to make my own at home.
Because of that in December I decided to buy some seeds to grow the real stuff. I obviously choose an indica hybrid.
I’ve been growing two plants for since December and now I’m starting to apreciate the result of my hard work.
I’ve tried to roll a couple of joints but the result was messy and smelly and I was forced to go outside of the house to smoke ( married an father of two young kids).
Because my medical purposes my goal is to smoke every evening before to go to sleep hoping that will help with my insomnia, but it’s not so easy to have a go every night so I decided I had to find a better way to assume my medicine on regular basis.

George Mc

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I've always wanted to know about different ways to inhale cannabis. But I know nothing other than a water bong and a joint. So do you put dried cannabis in this little box that you showed push a button and inhale is that how it works? And does it smell like marijuana or is there any smell at all?
Depending from the temperature the smell , for my understanding, goes from dried cannabis to slightly burned at the max temp of 500 F. Only at the max temp you can actually see some smoke coming out.
What I usually do ( still learning) is to have a go at 380 F and a second one to 410 F before to change the content.
The result is an high sensation after max 10 minutes lasting for hours.

The main advantage of this thing is that you can smoke where you want and when you want whiteout bothering or attracting other people attention.
I usually start vaping at 6 pm in my car on the way back home from office and other people can see me but they think I’m vaping some sort of e-cigarette. This is very convenient because in my country It is still illegal to smoke weed.

Another advantage is that I am able to consume only the quantity I need to feel relaxed and still being able to function normally, I can not arrive at home and throwing misled on the couch with a big box of crisps laughing at the TV because of my wife wanting me to help her to run the house and because the couch is already occupied by my children doing the same :D:D

On the other hand the main disadvantage is the battery does not last very long. I presume you can fill the little bucket 3 to four time before the device goes out of battery (I’ll test it this week end) so it definitely not suitale for big groups and parties
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