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My First 400W Grow Tent Grow 2014


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Hi guys new to this so anyone care to give me any tips or advice :) here's my setup so far.

80x80x160 hydro shoot grow tent
400w hps bulb + reflector
Carbon filter+fan and ducting
Small fan
Canna professions plus soil

I have 2 unknown autos and 4 unknown regular seeds I found so I'm hoping for the best

Here's my tent:

Closed view

Here's one of the carbon filter and fan ignore the string on the reflector was only a trial setup :)

Here's a couple of pics when I started them off on cfls

After this I got all my tent up and running and moved them into the tent at the moment there all on a 24/0 light schedule

That's when everything was fine over the last couple of days Iv started having a few problems il attach some images and I hope someone can tell me what's up

Thanks for looking will keep updated I just need a few pointers as to where I'm going wrong :/


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I have been reading and I think it could be light burn but my grow light is right at the top of my tent :/

David Bowman

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