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My First Amare SE450 LED Grow: AK47 Xtrm & Super Skunk


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Greetings from Australia!

This is my first ever indoor grow using 2 x Amare SE450 LED's. (They have changed the name to SE350 now. Not sure why but still the same LED).

Victor from Amare has been amazing in getting me going with theses lights and is always on hand to offer advice or answer any questions or concerns that I have. He's a great guy and the customer service from these guys has been second to none! I highly recommend them.

I have been trying to start this journal now for a few weeks so sorry for the slightly late start.
Here's the low down -

SEEDS - Seeds Planted on 1st October and most of them sprouted on 6th October

4 x AK47 XTRM Feminised from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds - These things are beasts. The strongest and healthiest looking seedlings out of all the strains I have going. Very nice indeed.

4 x Super Skunk Feminised from I Love Growing Marijuana Seeds - I have had MAJOR issues with getting these seeds to sprout. Treated them exactly like all of my other seeds but they just took forever to break through the coco. I even took some out and resoaked them in water and then replanted them to try to get them to sprout. I threw another couple away after they grew tap roots but just stayed under the coco and never surfaced. I am not sure whether these seeds are just really old stock or what but I think they are rubbish. Will be interesting to see how the actual plants turn out. They are growing okay. Started VERY slowly.

I also have 2 x Amnesia Haze's, 2 x Gold Leaf, 1 x Bianca, 1 x White Rhino, 2 x White Widow's and another AK47 which I have started under these lights (In soil not Coco) but they will be heading outdoors soon to grow HUGE over summer in my greenhouse (busy times ahead! Lol). If I get enough time I will also start an outdoor grow journal for those too :)

TENT - I am using a 9 x 9 ft Gorilla Grow Tent. I chose this size tent as the Amare LED's give off a 4x4 ft coverage area and this tent will allow me to eventually set up 4 LED lights. I am starting with 2 LED's to begin. So under each light I will have 4 plants.

MEDIUM - I am using 8 Gallon pots with 75% Coco (Gold Label) and 25% Perlite and put a layer of grow rocks at the bottom of each pot to help with drainage.
Coco | Gold Label

I am just using trays under each plant to catch the water run off. I have a Shop Vac to suck up the water out of each tray after feeding. Works really well so will just stick with that for now. Only thing to be mindful of is that it is a vacuum and if you get it to close to your plants then it will eat them. YES one of my Gold Leaf's got a slight hair cut tonight. Lost a couple of leaves and a couple got a bit minced but hopefully it will be okay. Note to self - BE MORE CAREFUL AND WATCH WHAT YOUR DOING IN FUTURE! LOL


I am also using General Hydroponics CALMAG as Victor advised me to watch for CalMag deficiencies due to the increased photosynthesis rate.

I mix my nutes up in a 30 Litre Plastic Bin. Current PPM is 840 and EC 1.2 and PH 5.5
I am also running the plants in Veg on an 18/6 light cycle.

VENTILATION - CAN MAX Pro Series 200 and CAN LITE 1500. I also have a plain oscillating fan but it is still fairly cool here atm so haven't really needed to get that going as yet.

Okay I think that about covers all of it for now. I will get out tomorrow and take some photos. :Namaste:

And yes incase you are wondering.... I am indeed a female who is extremely passionate (and slightly obsessed) about growing big beautiful healthy plants.

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re: My First Amare SE450 LED Grow - AK47 Xtrm & Super Skunk

Welcome to :420: and congrats on starting a journal! Sounds to me like you have a good setup and have things under control. We have a SE450 and love it. No idea why they would change the name since it pulls just under 450 watts at the wall. But regardless you have chosen wisely on the light :thumb:

Can't wait to see pictures of your setup and of course your girls. Good luck!


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re: My First Amare SE450 LED Grow - AK47 Xtrm & Super Skunk

Hey Nismo.

Thanks for the welcome message. Glad to hear you are using the SE450 as well. Would appreciate any hints or tips you have growing with it. I am vegging my girls with the light 22 inches above and was going to flower at 20 inches. Does this sound okay to you? Would you go 20 inches above for vegging or is that to low? What have your experiences been for optimal usage with these LED's? It took me MONTHS of research and reading endless forums to finally decide on the AMARE. I wanted to get the BML (Fluence) SPYDRx but it was just ridiculously expensive (and they weren't even remotely interested in offering me a discount even when I offered to buy 4 at once!) so in actual fact they did me a massive favour as I believe that the AMARE is a better LED. Although the SPYDRx is still a good choice if you can afford one. Lol. I would be very interested to see a side by side comparison grow with the AMARE and the SPYDRx. Has anyone done one as yet?......

I'm off to take some pics now so will have them up later today.


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re: My First Amare SE450 LED Grow - AK47 Xtrm & Super Skunk

Welcome to :420: it's an awesome place! Sound like an awesome and serious set up, can't wait to see some pics. You should definitely check out Nis and Cannas journal, so much great info. There are also tons of other great journals and people here! I follow way too many myself. One suggestion is to add a link to your journal in your signature which will help you get some traffic.

Let's see them pics. Happy growing!



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Hey Ween. Thanks for the message man. Nice to have you stop by. Yes I have spent hours looking through journals already. It' slightly addictive. Lol. And SO much fantastic information to be found. Uploading pics now. Standbye :)

David Bowman

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Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read our Photo Gallery Tutorial.

I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.



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Hi yes this grow is well and truly alive. Just didn't think anyone was interested so I haven't bothered updating it.....

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Definitely interested. I'm growing 2 AKX's also and would like to compare notes.

I'm finding they like low amount of nutrients. Definitely got nute burn at 50-60%. Granted I am using DWC/fog method and you're using soil... but should be relatively close'ish.


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Hi all.

Well I have switched the girls to 12/12 two weeks ago and they are going wonderfully. No problems at all.
We have had some very hot days here with temperatures in the tent getting up to 37 degrees for a few days at one stage there. The girls didn't seem to mind at all.

I have been having problems with the humidity being to low. I can't work out what is causing it. I have put a humidifier in the room but it doesn't seem to make much difference. Humidity is around 40% most days. Although with these hot days coming through it is now up over 50% which is better. It hasn't seemed to bother them.

Since my first post I have acquired another 2 Amare SE450's, so now I have 4 lights in the room which has given me a chance to spread the plants out a bit as they have gotten quite large. Lol. I had to wait on the Skunks to get to a decent size before i could flip the lights which meant that the AK'S were vegged for probably 3 weeks longer than they should of been waiting for the Skunks to catch up. Next grow I am going to just do all of the same strain. Am thinking I will do all Big Bud.

Anyway see following pics. My outdoor grow is also going beautifully (see pics). Except for some pesky caterpillars that keep passing by for a munch every now and again there are no problems to report. Although I will say that the Amnesia Haze's are very sensitive to nutes. I can feed all the other strains the same strength with no issues but some of the Haze's leaves keep clawing under which they have been doing from the beginning really. It hasn't affected their growth as they are just as big as the other plants. They just seem to be a bit sensitive to Nitrogen....? (N tox)...?

I am running both indoor and outdoors grows with the recommended amounts from H&G. I am only using the CalMag for the indoor grow and not bothering with it outdoors. My AK'S seem to take anything I can throw at them. They are hardy as f&*k. Very healthy and happy.

Since I took these pics i have given the indoor girls a good defoliation to allow the lights to penetrate right in to fatten those buds up. Will take some more pics again soon. They are looking better by the day. I can't wait to see how they look in another few weeks. Stay tuned.

Hope you all had a great Xmas and New Year. 2017 is going to be Great! Let's get it! :circle-of-love:


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Forgot to mention that I have 8 White Widow Autos growing outdoors (Very front far left and front far right on the pics). They are starting to bud up now. They are really small and i don't think I will get much off them. Not sure what happened with them but hey its my first time growing autos and I did neglect them a bit when they were seedlings so I guess I am paying the price a bit now. Lol. They are chugging along though. Will upload some more pics as they start maturing a bit more.


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Hey Aedifex. Yeah the AK's are awesome. They are just so strong and healthy. Mine are all from Feminized seeds so I didn't have to worry about checking for sex :)


Nice. Mine too, but one of mine was male and of the femanized chronic seeds one was a genetic herm and the other male. So... definitely check for sex because fem is not guaranteed. Also, depending on how the femanized the plant, they could have created actual hermaphroditism.

It goes like this: genetic herm has both sets of organs during grow. They can either be false female or false male. If one of these are used for seeds they will all carry the herm gene. These are bad and should be destroyed. Stress related herms are intentionally stressed to create 'naners'. These are only on female plants though so those WILL be true femanized seeds. :thumb:

Definitely, definitely, definitely check your plants though as genetic are very questionable from some suppliers.


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This is such a sweet setup!
so jelly, you really know your shit.
I'm in.
Check out my sig for my relatively pathetic Auto Anesthesia grow, but I'm proud of her none the less haha.
Great Job GrowGurl!
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