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My First at 420


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Hey all, This is my first journal with 420 and even though I am nearing the end with some I have 2 ladies I will start another journal with. The strains are Jock horror, aurora indica, and nypd. The breeder is nirvana and I have 2 clones that were put into flower 2 weeks ago. That strain is jackberry x kandy kush x herijuana and the breeder of this one is actually a good buddy who made this strain. The funny thing is out of my 2 nypd's one turned into an awesome purple that I plan on re vegging to make clones and use some silver collidal but that is down the road and I hope to share that experience with you guy's from the beginning. The scrog you will see is my first attempt at a scrog and was a lot of fun and can't wait till I do it again. well that's it, can't wait to show furthur progress.


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You have some really nice buds and the colours are just lush.
I reckon you will fit in just fine around these parts :) feel free to check any of my journals out. Although my quick guides are probably a little easier reading. Just hit the links in my sig below. :)
Looking forward to your work!
Same here and I really have lots of questions about revegging that purple nypd after harvest and the use of silver colloidal. I do have a jar of silver colloidal and the ppm's are supposedly between 30 and 50 so hoping I can get some good info on my next project.
I just construct a room dedicated just for this so it should be lots of fun.


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here are some more photo'smof me making room for my 2 jackberry x kandy kush x herijuana ladies. The lighting situation really sucked at the time but my hard work usually pay's off! In the end I will win this battle!

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