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My first attempt ever


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Hey guys,

I've wanted to grow my own nugs for so long. I finally got enough money and set it up a few weeks ago.

The plants are about 3 weeks old and they look 'okay'. They're not super lush or anything and they seem to be growing a little slow. They are about 3-4 inches tall with 4 sets of leaves. I read somewhere that if it's too hot it will slow growth, so this morning I cut an exhaust hole in an effort to reduce the heat because it seemed a little warm in there whenever I stuck my arm in to water them. Previously I only had a hole with air blowing into the box, now there's a hole for air to get out too. Hopefully that will make them grow faster.

The bottom leaves are starting to look a little bit yellow and droopy. Could it be because I just transplanted them to bigger pots? I also read that it might be because of the fertilizer or because of the shade from the upper leaves. I was using miracle grow but I stopped because some of you have recommended not using it. Also, the biggest lights are on top but I have smaller ones on the sides so that shade wouldn't be a problem once they're taller, but right now I think it could be a problem since they're still so small and low to the ground.

Let me know what you guys think. Here is the link to my gallery: https://www.420magazine.com/gallery/showgallery.php/cat/500/ppuser/301

And here are my specs:
-box constructed from 2x4s and space blankets for reflectivity
-organic potting soil with no fertilizers in it, says it's ideal for gardens
-4 18" flourescent lights on the walls and 2 36" flourescents on the top (they are all about 2 feet from the plants but the space blankets seem to be shiny enough to reflect the light all over and not lose much)
-1 gallon 8" pots
-water them every 2-3 days when the soil seems dry enough
-pretty powerful fan blowing in one hole and a hole for air to escape too
-these are bag seeds too, I am too paranoid to order any off the internet

Thanks guys
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