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My first attempts at growing


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Okay, so here it is. I tried growing for the first time this year and I think it has gone pretty well. I started with a little over 20 bag seeds. 19 germinated and I started growing those. After a few weeks I killed off the weakest ones that were growing super slow or looked sickly, leaving 12. Same thing a few weeks later. Down to 5. Out of these I had 2 that were super short, about a node every inch and looked nice and lush. By this time they started preflowering but I hadn't read too much by this point so didn't really know too much about it. I kept the smallest best looking one and gave 3 to a friend of mine and killed off the last one that was male.

My grow box is a homemade rubbermaid contraption I saw on a different message board that worked great. Not much room and it got a little hot sometimes but she handled it well. Had a good fan on top of the top rubbermaid box, 6-26 watt cfl's(later i put 2 more in down low to help the lower growth) a small fan inside for a breeze to strengthen the girl and an intake down low on the lower box. I cut a view window into the top box and put a clear thick piece of plastic over the hole and then covered it with a couple layers of duck tape that I could pull down whenever I wanted to look in.

Anyways, I began lsting this girl and she did great. I let here veg for 3 months and she was in a nice squat circle. She was thick and bushy though andI was worried about moisture being trapped so I cut off a lot of branches, leaving about 13 coming off the main trunk I believe. I also topped her.

So at this point I started 3 clones and built a new box to keep them in. I waited 2 weeks for here to heal up and then put her into flowering. This is also the point I stopped feeding her anything but water and organic sucunat. After about 1 month I started checking the resin glands with a 60-100 mag tool. (from radio shack, they also sell them in mags as a 420 scope or something) Which is really not all that easy to use without wiping off a whole bunch of resin. Anyways at about day 65 I noticed that with the naked eye all of the resin went from a clear shine to a rich white kinda color. Checked again and sure enough I had trouble finding clear ones with the scope, but there were barely any crimson colored one either.

I finally decided to harvest at day 69 even though the end of the bracts were still underdeveloped and had white hairs sprouting out of them. I ended up with about 2.25-2.5 ounces. It was very light and fluffy. Most people eyeballing it would have thought it was closer to 4 or 5 ounces.

Anyways I just wanted to give a little background before I asked some questions. First, is my light weight problem due to the high heat in the box? (i heard that can happen) I don't think she was too close to the lights but she might have been. She tasted very nice though. Clean, sweet, evergreen flavor.(i had flushed her 4 times in the 2 weeks before harvest). I heard if the lights are too close they tend to taste more hashy.

How can I figure out what the sweet spot is for harvesting an unknown strain? Could I have let here keep going?

My 3 clones are at day 74 now. I'm worried I might let it go too long but the buds keep growing. Will the buds just keep getting bigger or do they always reach a limit eventually?

Also, I moved the plants to the garage because it is cooling down. No problem with bugs, although I have seen some really small white larvae looking things in the soil when I water. They float around until the water soaks up and they squirm a little then I eventually stop seeing them. I'm not going to use any pesticides this close to harvesting. Are they something I need to worry about? I don't think they are.

With being in the garage I notice now the humidity goes up to about 65-70% at night. I was planning to give them 2 days of darkness before harvest but Im worried about mold (although I haven't had any problems with it yet). Should I move them into the house for the 2 days of darkness or should they be ok?

If there is anything else you feel I should be thinking about let me know. I was going to make a grow journal but I didn't keep records of anything. I have some pics from the first little lady from different points in her life so I may post some of them if anyone is interested.

Oh yeah, not too sure if she is indica or sativa. The leaves are thin and pointy like a sativa but she is so short she definitely must have indica in her too. Long flower time and a more sativa like high. Although she was covered in resin she still had plenty more room for some more. Loose bracts, not dense buds. Everyone I gave some to loved it (I didn't tell them that I grew it either). Everyone thought it was weak when they smoked it but then 10 minutes later they sudden say something like "man, I think I'm high" and then they'd just smile.


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Well, let me be the first on here to congragulate you. It sounds like you have done better then I have, i can't ever get them to stay real small with close internodes or get them to produce more then an ounce, but the high is always GREAT.

About the bugs, this close to harvest just make sure they don't start eating the flowers you worked hard for. The sweet spot for any strain is when it looks ripe to you. Personally i like when its mostly cloudy crystals, a nice clear haed high.

goodluck and goodnight
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