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My first autoflower soil grow


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So I'm new to this site, And this is my first serious grow i have made other attempts and failed with high quality seeds basically trial and era. Now i'm growing some fem. white dwarf autoflower seeds from big budduha hopefully this grow is better since the strain is easy for beginners. I'm currently running a 400w mh bulb w/ a hydrofarm hood and 400w phatom ballast in a 4x4x6 ft. mylar tent. The soil i'm using is fox farm ocean forest mixed with 2 measuring cups full of perlite. Since i'm a beginner i've found this mix easier to maintain. My plant is 2 weeks now going on it's 3rd week and it's ready to start nutes.. I'll post pictures up to keep everyone posted with my first grow and will tell you step by step what i've done. I'm open to suggestions and tips from experienced growers. Hopefully this will help first time growers lost like myself...:tokin:


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Sounds like a good start and welcome NyceBudz, error happens but it makes a learner out of all of us, and thats the good thing about mistakes its the truth.

my advise would be to start a journal here and highlight what all your doing ie: nutes lights room media i know you went over this here but we can help you a lot more in that section

and also just go easy on your plant its not true that the more nutes the more bloom there is a fine line :D


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