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My First CFL Closet Grow - Unknown Bag Seed


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Grown multiple times outdoor/indoor with HPS/MH lamps but never before CFLs until now...

Strain: Unknown Bag Seed

Space: 1.5sq ft
Light: 187w CFLs - (1) 55w (2) 40w (2) 26w
Medium: Soil
Veg Time: 4 weeks with minor LST
Nutes: Tiger Bloom

Day 20 of Flowering


Yakuza Kick

I've always been curious to grow, however I was always concerned about odor. Looks nice my friend, hope you keep updating us. :thumb:


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Alright everyone here's an update for you all :439:

Day 24 of Flowering

Performed one more round of LST on her and rotated the lighting to get a little more on top and through the canopy.

Right now she looks like a little bonsai bush



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Nice, growing is fun thats for sure. Its like self accomplishment. Im almost ready to harvest and ive tried some of it and its good. I enjoy knowing that my bud has not been passed around by ten ppl before it gets to me. One and only grower.

Nice grow, I used cfls too, but way more than that. I got almost 22000 lumens. on my plant


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oh yeah I love to just grow in general, plants are very interesting from time to time especially with different strains.

As far as the lighting goes I was deciding on adding few more lights, I've noticed a few of the lower larger fan leaves spinning around toward the light. Plus everything I've read on CFL grows is the more light the better as long as you don't bleach the plants.


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Day 40

Really nothing has changed except the fact she's taking on a lot more water now but that was expected.

Vertical growth has slowed down to a crawl and now she's been getting nice and fat. Not very much trich development yet but she's still got some time on her hands.

Still debating on adding a few more lights to fill up some empty space...



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hey man, nice bag seed grow, i have been following ever since day 24 flowering!!! i was just curious to know, is your mylar that your using from balloons??? i noticed in 1 of your pictures that it was taped to that cardboard in a circular shape, like a balloon!!! i am asking cus i was told to do that as well, but i was told to use the inside, im just wondering if you use it, and if you do, then do you use the outside shiny part or do you use the inside??? please help me out, also i noticed that you are using Tiger Bloom on your lady, i just got that myself for my lady, do you use any other feedings or just the tiger bloom right now, cus of money its all i have for her...


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yeah this entire grow has pretty much been on a budget. I never knew you could grow with CFLs, haven't had the stability nor security to grow in the past 5 yrs. So I really wasn't going to "invest" too much into this one. So far tho it's been a blast...

yes, the mylar is from a bunch of balloons... lol It's actually the back of the balloon, I found a bunch of them with pretty decent finish on the backing. It's not mirror finish but its good enough to bounce light around. I got the idea to use them after I saw my cat playing with the light bouncing off the walls =)

As far as nutes go, I'm using both FF Tiger Bloom and Big Bloom.

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Lol for sure, nah getting the balloons is not a problem, all i have to do is go to the dollar tree and they sell their balloons there for a dollar!!! I can spare out 5 bucks and surround the plant with that!!!


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super happy today found out my 2nd little project is a female... started off with 12/12 light cause I didn't have a space setup for a veg area. Decided to stick her outside today cause its just a wonderful day and noticed preflowers with hairs. So back into veg for her, good thing is I already topped this one and started LST.
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