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My First DWC Grow

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Ok I am a beginner in the DWC (Deep Water Culture)
circle. I set up my system and off I went. I started 1 about 3 weeks ago in soil and transferred it to my DWC. WOW!!! I also started 3 more regulars and they seem to be taking to the DWC really nice. Now for the big ones. I ordered from nirvana 5 Jock's and 5 Bubble's autofem's Got them yesterday and Very happy with the fast stealth shipping! So I started 2 jocks and 2 bubble's and 1 freebie. I am germing them in rapid rooters. I am using leftover Chinese food containers for a humadome stored in my closet. I hope I am on the right track. I really am trying to K.I.S.S(Keep it simple stupid) I will keep everybody updated on my first DWC grow. Here are some pics and my first root porn shot! I don't want to overthink the Autofem's cause this is my first time having guaranteed females and having a plant with KILLER BUD! 400 Watt MH for veg and a 400 Watt HPS for flower. Changing bulbs at week 5 to 6.

I will be posting here alot with questions so please to the advanced growers follow my thread.

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OK I am sooo worried right now! Like I said in my first post I am germing 2 jocks and 2 bubbles autofems in rapid rooters in Chinese food containers in my closet. Been in there for 4 days now. I am so use to germing the paper towel way but I was told that rapid rooters from seed to harvest is the way to go. I want to know if I am doing this right. PLEASE HELP! This is the first time I have done ant of this. I am so new to growing in DWC. I have the rapid rooters very moist and only 2 per container with a little water around the sides. The seeds are in there and the hole covered loosely with a piece of the RR cube. Please guide me masters!!! I am your apprentice!!
How big is the container you are growing those in? Looks kind of small for all those plants. I have never used rapid rooters, just paper towel in between two paper plate method. Never had a set of seeds fail. After they have about inch stems i place them in rockwool cubes.
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Its a 30 Gallon tote but I am doing short fast plants until I can get a better system. I keep trimming the leaves if the 1 ( I call her miss piggy)
So far both bubbles are in and 1 of the jock's are in. ! of the jocks didn't crack yet. I am gonna give it another 2 days and then start another one I am more focused on my auto's than I am on the regular. I will keep you all updated!
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The Jock cracked and is doing well. We are well on our way. Miss Piggy went outside to flower. I had no choice and this is the perfect time where I live to flower outdoors. I will let you know if I finally have a female out of regular seed this year. I had 6 males! IT SUCKED!
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Ok 3 weeks in and the Bubblisious are starting to bud! The Jock Horror are doing well also. I have 4 regular 1 still in the hydro system 3 in soil to flower. Here are some new pics!!
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Ok new pics 38 Days from seed. the first 4 pics are the same 2 plants they are in a 50 Gallon tote now and under the HPS bulb now. I changed it 2 nights ago from the MH to the HPS. The one Bubble is 22 inches tall the other one is 16 inches. The two Bubbles do not look the same but the Jock's do. The 2 jocks are 14 and 15 inches tall and growing explosively!
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Ok so I am 42 days from seed and I think I am gonna make the switch to bloom nutes. They are between 17" for the Jock Horror and 22" for the Bubblelicious. They have slowed to 1/4 to 1/2 an inch a day instead of an inch or more a day.Now to a weird issue. I have 2 Bubbles going and they look completely different. One has just preflowers and the other has buds all over it! The leaves look totally different too. The one bubble they are only 5 point leaves and on the other they are between 6 and 9 points. Yes I have some retarded leaves! LOL It it the genes, Maybe 1 is alot more indica than the other? Can anyone offer some suggestions.