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My first ever grow Hydro Purple Haze


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What up guys it's a pleasure being here. Today I received my seeds of Purple Haze from a trusted site. (Pm for info) As stated this will be my first grow. I'll be attempting a hydro grow with the Haze. Through germination and practically the whole vegetation stage I will not introduce nutrients. I won't start nutrients until 2 week of veg just to see how it goes. Also I will introduce nutrients to one of the plants from the beginning just to see the results. I'll post and update daily, as things change. And guys /girls if you know anything about hydro growing and can help or have some helping advice I'd greatly appreciate it.


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You need nutrients right off the bat in a hydroponics setup. The cotyledons on hold enough for the germination and early seedling phase. Definitely not a good idea to starve them early on.
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