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My First Grow 1200W HPS - MH Northern Lights - Super Cheese - White Widow


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Hello there to everybody!! I woukd like to present you the flowering show...i am honestly amazed at what i am seeing,this is my first time growing it has been such a blast thanks to all you guys for being along for the ride...[emoji256]

As for the plants i am just trying to keep everything as consistent and as solid as i can they getting nutrients (and loving it)...lots of tlc watching the humidity and temprature...here are some pics enjoy



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Very cool, starting to get hairy! Can I ask you, how far into the dark period are you snapping flash photos? Try and keep her dark periods uninterrupted from light. Just before lights on and just after lights out is are the only safe times to do this because you don't want your plant going all Chelsea Manning on you [emoji6]
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