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My First Grow 1200W HPS - MH Northern Lights - Super Cheese - White Widow


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Thought i would give you guys a bit more info about the grow....no pictures just text lol....they have been grown in a homemade supersoil of my own creation..germinated in water and transplanted twice everything has been pretty much smooth sailing from start to end....

While i was away recently i had a spider mite problem on one tree caught it early isolated the plant and found a natural remedy that seemed a little bit odd but i had all the stuff i needed so i gave it a go...i took habenero peppers and chilli's blended them up and put them in warm water and let the water simmer then i ran it through a sieve and poured the liquid into a spray bottle and sprayed the plant and it worked like an absolute bomb keeping a close eye on the plant but i havent seen any for over 2 weeks so lets hold thumbs...

And thats about it will post some more pics tonight..

Stay medicated!!!!!
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