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My First Grow - Advice Welcome


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Hello guys, at first, thanks everyone for all the useful information i read in this forums..
Im from Brazil and i am currently doing my first grow attempt.

I am on 4/5th week of flowering right now, i have just one plant.
Ive been told the strain im growing is a Chronic, but i have my doubts about that.
Im using a regular soil mix and a 400W HPS. I think by buds are really small and airy..
The top Coala and 1 or 2 medium Coalas just began to show some orange hairs.
I am uploading some photos so maybe you guys can tell me if it is going well or not.
(i trimmed some leaves that were blocking bud sites, ive heard thats not good but already done.)
Im also feeding them with flowering specific nutrients

(can anyone help me to upload photos, im not getting how it works)


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Re: My first grow - How am i doing ?

In "journals In progress" page find a sticky post that explains how to upload photos, sorry I can't paste a link as I'm on tablet at the moment. But it's easy to find and easy to understand how to.


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Re: My first grow - How am i doing ?


thanks budstep

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