My First Grow, Already Loving It :) How am i doing?


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Hello everyone,

First off, I got to say thanks for this awesome site - through following the growers guides and reading the forums I have successfully germinated my White Diesel feminized seeds and they are now in some sterilized soil :thanks:

I'm completely new to this and wanted to get your expert opinions on a few things for the next steps (moderators - if you feel this post should go elsewhere I'm sorry for getting it wrong)...

I'm growing outdoors in the UK - I've found a great secluded location well off the beaten track and very difficult for humans to get to. This is for personal use.
Seeds are White Diesel, feminized. Only planting one.

1. The seed took just 24 hours to germinate and is now onto day 3 in soil - how does it look? Seems to be growing very fast!! When is the right time to get the baby bud into the ground outside? Currently on my window ledge.


2. Should I prepare the outdoor soil in anyway (e.g. Line it with some high quality compost, add nutrients etc) or plant it naturally?

3. How often do I really need to check the plant? As mentioned before, this place is highly secluded and difficult to get to, meaning I won't be able to go everyday (despite really wanting to!) Can I get away with only going once a week?

4. What kind of time frame am I looking out until my plant grows and flowers? Seems to be growing pretty fast!

5. I've read up on how/when to water the plants and the signs to look for when they're asking for something. Is there anything else you think I need to be doing?

Thanks :)
Looking great. Welcome aboard the 420 boat!

If you've used multi-purpose compost, adding any nutrients is counter-productive at this time.

If not, there are guides to adding nutrients at your disposal. Also, be sure to check your pH levels before making changes.

By the looks of your seedling, there is no need for any changes.

Growing Diesel in the UK (South to Mid), expect October - early November

Growing Diesel in the UK (North), cannot be recommended outside.
Perfect, thanks Barney!

When do you think it should go in the ground outside? And my 3rd question above - how often will I need to check it once it's planted outside?

Thank you :)
Alright mate
Pretty new to this myself also uk lad myself.
Firstly I'd do at least 3 seeds. Autos are fairly small and low yielding, so 1 outside in the uk even with decent sun for now, ain't gunna yield a lot. I'd do 3, somewhere as much sun as possible. I'd check once a week jus to make sure there not dried up or pest ridden. Lot more to go wrong outside tbh mate n our shitty weather don't help! Good luck though! I'd also wait til it's got it's first proper fan leaves before planting outside mate
Dave is right. UK weather is less than promising and it is late in the day to get your seedling up and gunning outside. It all depends on the specific location and how often you can check up on the plant. If it rains a lot, chances are there won't be much sunshine. If there's a lot of clear sunny sky, you will have to return to the site to water as needed.

Auto will flower all season round once it has matured (about a month) and autos can yield as well as any, but again, doubtful under the UK climate. A very cheap indoor set up will see you better off, unless you live way South, where the summer's are brilliant.

Good luck :peace:
Just remember to flip those pictures before uploading, but other than that looking really good my man. Sub'd to see how this turns out and I wish you the best of luck with your grow! :Namaste:

You ought to plant her outside when she is sturdy enough to lets say, thwack her with your hand and she's just like, "give a f***" :laughtwo:

Otherwise the rain and rabbits will tear her apart :peace:
Hahaha thanks Barney! Great advice! Cheers DaveCarnage too, good to hear from somewhere else living in the uk - are you growing atm too? Think i'll take your advice and plant the remaining two mate. Hopefully by the time they're ready to go outside our weather will be better!

Anyway, it's Day 7 of the grow, i think she's doing well. Slightly concerned that i didn't plant the seed deep enough though, the stem seems very tall and flimsy - or is this normal? Pictures below (made sure they were flipped this time gleipner ;) )

Thanks everyone, went out today and purchased a 6500k cfl that my baby is now sitting under :D I'll take another picture of her in a few days time and hopefully we'll see a difference. Appreciate the help I'm getting here, you guys are awesome
How did this grow turn out?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info! :blushsmile:

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

I am moving this to abandoned journals until we get updates.

Hope all is well in your world :peace:

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