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My First Grow CFL Bag Seed Tahoe PR OG KUSH + Aurora Indica


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Hey guys so I'm new to this site and I hope I'm using this in the right place. I recently bought an 8th for $75 (so great genetics) and what great of luck there was a small blackish brown seed. Ive never seen a seed from my capsule from here before so I this was lucky for me! :yummy: I'm growing Tahoe og private kush from a bag seed that Germed in only 36 hours and its growing pretty fast. I'm also waiting a couple more days for Nirvana to bring my Aurora Indica (Fem).

This is my first grow growing anything. It's in my cabinet in my computer desk with about 2'L x 1'W x 2'H of grow space. I'm using 1 (Hydrobulb:6400k) CFL (24w) 2500 Lumen for 1-3 seedlings with about ONE inch from bulb. 20/4 until veg state then 18/6. It's extremely reflective as I put (i hope this is what its called) "Dimpled" shaped material like circled pattern (I got from OSH) all the way around with right now only 1 plant but I positioned the sheet like a ball. I also made a home made fan out of thick Duct Tape and 12V CPU Fan from radio shack to an odor filtering dynamic aeration (homemade) technology chamber above (since smoke + air rises). Its pretty big but quiet-I think its gonna be very productive.

Later when my seedlings rise to the Veg. State then I'm gonna supply them with two more 200W (Full Spectrum:5500k) 1,500 Lumen each so thats a total of 5500 Lumen total for about 2 (lack of space) short plants with 360Degree Reflectivity.
-- Then for the Flowering Stage I plan on supplying them with 2 (Soft White:2700k) 150W 2800 Lumen each bulbs with another small 14W (800lumens) 4500k-thats a total of about 6500 Lumen for flowering two plants. Currently the seedlings are 20 hours On and 4 hours OFF.

I'm using FF Ocean Forrest Organic Plotting Mix. It's just beautiful. And lately I've been watering every 4 days... is this healthy? The pot size that I just transferred to is 6.5 inches in Diameter (top). The seedling right now is 5 Days Old from put in dirt. :slide: looking great. I'm also using both Earth Juice Bloom and Grow Fertilizing Nutes but I haven't used anything yet! (not until 2 weeks old)

I'm a medical patient in California. I'm really into the organic method. I don't know how to use post pictures yet from my blackberry unto here but I'm going to take a few with growth or progress and post them up throughout the whole grow journal for myself to document in my studies. I'm also going to be having a daily reminder to myself for studies. I plan this first grow to be high grade medical potency Southern California standards. I'm sure I can do it :goodluck:

P.S. please disregard the horrible organization of my thoughts when I wrote this i was on some fire og kush hash :blunt:

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Re: My First grow CFL bagseed TAHOE PR OG KUSH + Aurora Indica

Using FF soil I would wait a little longer than 2 weeks before I started them on nutes!

Other than that welcome brother! You found the right spot!


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Re: My First grow CFL bagseed TAHOE PR OG KUSH + Aurora Indica

thanks btw I really appreciate everyones opinions and ideas. :thumb: :)

heres a couple pics...its day 5 of my grow






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LONG STORY SHORT THE BAGSEED WAS A HERMI, PPL DONT REALIZE MOST BAGSEEDS ARE HERMI FORSURE but at least i learned alot about the symmetry of nature and how things work, and i also exceeded medicinal quality. its alot more worth it to grow at least 4 or 5 plants, i dont recommend small grows becuase after 3 4 months of effort and attention they might just turn out hermi u never know...check out the pics of it before it became hermi in my gallery


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Thank you for your grow with us. Sorry about how it ended, but dont give up though :)

I’m moving this to completed journals now.

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Hope all is well in your world.

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine!
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