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My first grow! First set of leaves leaning


Yo what’s up everyone. It’s my first time growing cannabis legally and thought I’d just start with one of my seven seeds that actually germinated. I decided to grow outdoors. I have a couple questions about my plant.

Soil mix for now: Jiffy Seed Starter Mix (peat moss/coco, organic-based)
Strain: Unknown (hybrid-indica dominant?)
Seedling: Day 7
Sunlight: 8-9 hours average

1. Why does one cotyledon look like it’s dead? Anything bad about this?

2. Why are the first set of leaves leaning to one side more?

3. Doesn’t show in the pic, but the cotyledon that’s curled down has a small black spot under it, why is that?

I have been watering every time I think soil is dried up. I don’t pH the water because my pH test kit is still coming in. I’m not adding any muted yet. I don’t think I’m overwatering. I’m pretty chill about how it’s growing out and the little things it’s going through at this stage. Not freaking out unless there is something to freak out about (that’s why I’m here :)

Note: Accidentally got rained on 3 days ago, so I let it drain out the soil before I watered again.


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Some seedlings are like some newborn babies. All mis-shapen and not that attractive. Especially if they have some trouble shedding their husk. But usually healthy nonetheless.

Aight, I get what you mean. It did have a little trouble getting off it’s seed shell. Looks healthy as you say tbh. Appreciate it man, I’m just trying to take care the best I can!
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