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My First Grow - I'm gonna have plenty of questions

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What up doe? This is gonna be my first grow so I didn't want to invest too much in the start up. I'm using 2 200 w Cfl 6400k for veg(I have a 3rd 200 w cfl but didn't know if I needed to use it)...I may add a few 23 w too. I'm using a 4x2x60 tent.. Don't plan on much heat so I'm just using a 6 inch inline booster fan(240 crm) for exhaust and I have a fan controller to turn down the fan also 2 clip on fans to keep a light breeze going.

Ordered some Puff Puff Pass Out and a few Green Crack from an online seed shop(the one with the boxing kangaroo as the logo) lol.. This will be a soil grow, gotta get my game up for hydro, 4 maybe 5 plants...thinking about Fox Farms soil...or maybe Black Magic..might try both just to see the difference between the two..who knows? But once it up and running I'll update and pick your brains.


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Welcome to 420mag Seed2smoke. Once you get it set up and start germinating seeds, make a journal here so it's easy for members to follow your grow.

Sounds like you're off to a good start. Hope to see you with some seedlings soon.


Hi sorry for the noob questeon but i'm also a new member and have just started my first grow, but what exactly do you mean with a journal, is it just making a thread here and updating it as you go? I'd be intrested to start a journal as well as the reasurity it would offer having other experienced grower's looking over your shoulder would be so much less stressfull, I want to enjoy this! And good luck Seed2smoke I know how you feel i'm excited but so worried i'll screw it up :p


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Hi there Mead, welcome.

Yes, a journal is a thread where you update us with info and pictures about your grow. It gives members/friends one place to find you and watch.

Click the link below, then click the black "Post New Thread" button.

Journals in Progress

See you around!