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My First Grow - Indoor - Soil - CFL - Bag Seed


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Re: My First Grow! Indoor-Soil-CFL-Bagseed

You can remove some of the soil from your pots and replace it with peat moss, the peat moss will help lower your soils pH as you water. In the future you can mix 40% peat moss in with your soil to lower the pH to a proper range.

I'm not sure my local hydro store has it, I wonder how to translate it to my language so that a gardening store would understand what I need if the hydro store doesn't have it.
The soil they sold me is supposed to be something equivalent to a Dutch recepie of bio-Bizz, the light-mix, made locally.
The also have a coco mix btw, will try it next time (is that soilless?)
So far I'm happy with it except for the soil pH , next time I go there which is going to be soon, I'll ask them for the soil pH.

Lights back on in 1.5 hours! :high-five:


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Re: My First Grow! Indoor-Soil-CFL-Bagseed

June 13, 2014 - 1st Week Flower

Photo Update

Aproximate age: plant 1 is the oldest, from seed since 60 days, about 50 days veg period, youngest is maybe 2 1.5 weeks younger i think.

So 9 pm i opened the tent after a 31 hours dark period.
The tops seem yellow-green at areas of new growth on plants 1 and 2 (the females)
lots of new white pistils i can see, and many more future bud areas along the stems.

plant 1 is really bushy im considering some heavy lst'ing or some defoliation - what do you recommend if any?

i fed plant 3 (the non female yet) with flower week 1 nutes until runoff, maybe enduce it into showing sex as the rest of the gang

plant 2 pot is still pretty heavy from the flush 5 days ago, not feeding it yet although i feel it wants some nutes - suggestions?

so without further due here are the photos, this time a long batch

Plant 2

Plant 3

Plant 1

The whole gang in the tent under the light
Left - plant 1, top right - plant 2, down right - plant 3

Temps and RH

your comments and answers to my questions are more than welcome!



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Re: My First Grow! Indoor-Soil-CFL-Bagseed

The yellow/light green new growth is related to low nitrogen and lack of light for photosynthesis.

So that's normal considering the lack of light condition, like the one they just experienced?

And what about defoliation at this early flower stage?
Plant 1 is really bushy, I know you defol whenever u think is needed during veg and in flower only at day 21 and 50'ish
Maybe I do another more surgical defol now and at 21 I go wild?


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Re: My First Grow! Indoor-Soil-CFL-Bagseed

Normally I would say not to defoliate when just entering flower as it can slow down the plants transition to flower but in your case I would remove any fan leaf that shades a bud site now.

so today at lights on i defoliated plant 1, removed any fan leaf blocking light for bud sites.
here are the results, i was gentle at first but i got carried away a bit i think lol
nvm it will grow back bushier anyway i guess
hope i did a good job, plant 1 is my favorite girl !

Before (pic taken yesterday):


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Re: My First Grow! Indoor-Soil-CFL-Bagseed

My first defoliation i did the same 84. I started out just clipping a few leaves, but it turned into chop a thon by the time i was done. Don't worry. They will come back with a vengance! Thicker, fuller, and happier!!!!!

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Re: My First Grow! Indoor-Soil-CFL-Bagseed

From this.........

Back to this......
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Re: My First Grow! Indoor-Soil-CFL-Bagseed

Man that's some tripping net you got there!

Your grow area is much bigger, I would do a net for SoG or SCRoG but I'll have a hard time watering them

It's already pretty crowded there, luckily I bought the GL80 and not the 60! Should have bought the 100 hehe

it's never enough I guess


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Re: My First Grow! Indoor-Soil-CFL-Bagseed

Its a little on the big side without a doubt!


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June 16th - 1st week of flower

June 16th - 1st week of flower

i have some teen bud porn for you guys and gals!

looks like the green-yellowing thing passed?

still need to pick cal-mag and ask for peat moss or any soil amendment available for lowering the soil pH from 7.1-7.3 to the golden 6.5 mark, also will grab Ona gel and a spray.

i raised them up a bit to the light for 2-3 days before i raise the lights and make them taller

plant 3 the runt skipped a few nods and just took off up with a strong stem.

plant 2 shows one mini bud porn, coming from the side shoot, other side didn't survive a defoliation a few weeks ago

plant 1 i can count about 4-6 little tops and 4 big ones.

so far i'm very happy with the progress. glad i have 3 females :love:

cant wait for them to become thirsty again, and feed them with the 1st week of flower nutes again, i'm repeating flower week #1 feeding schedule for plants 2 & 3, don't want to overnute them. only plant #1 will receive week #2 flower nutes according to the plan.

will pick up some more soil if i'm there already, to transplant and for future projects.

Temps: 82-88 F, RH: 46-55%


here are the photos, please comment on them if you see anything out of the ordinary that need fixing, thx! :Namaste:




















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Re: My First Grow! Indoor-Soil-CFL-Bagseed

Looks great man I'm about month behind you.

That's awesome dlf!
I like your journal mate btw.

I try to read at least one entire journal in a day or two for big ones and I randomly discover other journals through search and signatures in interesting journals.
I strongly advice everyone starting out to read as much as you can, search for common grow mediums,lightning,areas,weather etc. to yours, or different interesting methods for future grows or current grow
So many possibilities, but first I gotta get smoothly on the basics highway



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Re: My First Grow! Indoor-Soil-CFL-Bagseed



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June 18th - 1st week of flower

June 18th - 1st week of flower

high there green gang!

so i didn't open the "lung room" door for almost 2 days, u know it is when life mixes with 12/12 light schedule i guess...

when i opened it today first thing in the morning (2 hours before lights off), temps were high as a f*ck, could feel it right away when i entered.
when on to HD to look for other stuff, found a 90w cooling pillar fan, cost a nice amount but not that expensive for a "small a/c fan"
i hope temps will get stable now along with the humidity, this game is costing me in buds i bet
outtake feels cool now, room feels fresh but not cool as an a/c working, but i give it a chance, better than a regular fan i guess

also picked up another 8" desk fan for inside the tent, will maybe hang it tomorrow, any ideas how to best use it? for now it sits on floor of the tent directed up towards part the lights and part the extraction vent.
i connected it to the lights timer, no need for another fan in there when lights off.. i think..
already without that fan i have negative pressure in the tent, i can see the "walls" sucked inside a bit after a few minutes when closed as it should be against light pollution.

anyway also this morning, 1 hour before lights off, there was a power cut in my area, i then connected the lights to a power surge protector, maybe it will protect it against future troubles..
doesn't cost much and i had it laying around unopened and unused. safety first!

called the power company, they replied it will take 2 hours to fix the problem, so i shut the lights off early
i hope that 1-1.5 hours of extra darkness won't make a difference or stress them out.
i fixed the manual timer clock right after power got back, and re-set it to timer mode.

i topped all 3 pots with more of the soil medium, didn't fill them up enough when i replanted them about a month ago, lesson learned for next time.
thinking still of transplanting some of them to a bit bigger pots, didn't get the chance to go to the hydro shop yet, i hope tomorrow!!

also lowered them all to ground floor, hoping that the floor is cooler for soil and roots, and also for correct distance from the lights.

gave all 3 a good feeding 2 days ago, pH'ed the solution to exact 6.5, until slight runoff - didn't test runoff as it was little amount, will test next time, maybe the new batch of soil will even things up, and the new set of nutes will take it down a bit. they needed a feed, i gave them soil + feed. i hope i don't love them to death lol, really being careful not to but i almost every time fall for small things.

so some info from the girls...

plant 1 is acting weird, i know its a female, i see some white hairs here and there, and future tops, but no budding yet.
it was my pride until now, i hope its just a pause for refueling then boost up and away

plant 2 is the ex-runt that took off and no is equal in height of the other two.

plant 3 looks good, that side branch that survived from bad start with hot soil and all, is cooking a lone fat bud on that side branch, along with 2 on the tops i micro-topped a week before long darkness period and flipping 12/12 with bloom.
i hope its going to get buddy buddy, maybe i will do some LST'ing on it to make the branch go straight ahead, so far its holding nice and towards the light, will not keep my eye off that flower, looks good flowering getting more white pistils every day. that's just awesome to look at daily.

sorry for the long post, i like to keep track of stuff i do and share with others for future reference if i stumble problems etc., i'm also aware people like photos, so now i finally have something actually interesting to take a set of pics and share with you guys and gals

here are the photos of the GIRLS, taken today after lights on 9 p.m

whole gang: top left: plant 1, top right: plant 3, bottom: plant 2

Plant 3 side flower:

Plant 3 top flowers:

Plant 3 top again:

Plant 1:

Plant 1 from top view:

Plant 2:

Plant 2 from the top:

Plant 2 pre-flowers

Plant 2 pre-flowers:

Plant 2 pre-flowers:

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Re: My First Grow! Indoor-Soil-CFL-Bagseed

They are all looking great buddy. Thats pretty trippy how the color of the leds change depending on your camera angle.
And I rate this journal a 5!
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