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My first grow, need advice!


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Hello 420Mag!

This would happen to be my first grow. I have been reading up on a lot of info and im just looking to do a budget grow. Nothing over the top, just a personal grow box/spot. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment with a huge balcony and closet on the patio that I have been using in the mean time.

My days currently consist of;
About 18 hours of light; my 4 plants sit on the patio, unfortunately most of my patio is covered in shade until late in the afternoon, it then gets maybe 2-3 hours MAX of direct sun light. Once I get home, I move the plants into the patio closet where I have setup a Sun Blaze 22 T5 light fixture that has 2 bulbs. At about 1AM i then remove the plants and keep them outdoors til next morning and start the process over.

Im currently using DynaGro Grow and DynaGro MagPro as my nutes. Once it starts to flower, I will go out and buy the DynaGro Bloom. My current soil is at 21% nitrogen, so I'm very easy on the nutes.

Because my county recently banned the outdoor grow of medical marijuana, I'd like to move my 4 plants indoors to stay as legal as possible to avoid issues with the fuzz =)

I have seen great results using, dresser grow boxes, wardrobe grow boxes and the obvious, tent grow boxes.
Once I get the hang of growing, id like to add 2 more plants to my grow, staying the legal limit of 6 mature.

I heard that 1 square foot per plant. Does this ring true?
How big of a space would I need to grow 4-6 short bushy plants?
I'm also very interested in training my plants to be short, bushy with multiple colas. I have already topped my 4 plants and I see that the new stems are starting to sprout between the nodes.

I do realize that once I move them indoors, I will need either a carbon filter or the cheaper method of using a fan, 5 gallon bucket and that soil moist crystalizer thing / ONA.

As I stated, I would like this to be as low budget as possible. THIS IS NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION PURPOSES OR RESALE UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES. I would like to grow my own so I can save some money rather than buying at local dispensaries.

Thanks in advance for those of you who are reading and replying.


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Hmmm... over 160 views and no replies. Guess ill migrate to a different forum. Thanks anyways guys.


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Welcome to 420 sorry you did not get a response in a timely fashion a lot of people come to the FAQ to read and learn.

If it is not too late, I grow 2 plants short and bushy in a 3x3 area.

I do not believe one square foot per plant is enough if you are going to bush them out.

One square foot if you are going to only veg for a month and flip to 12/12 with no topping or training.

You can check out this link if you want to grow just one plant. ---->5'X5' One Plant Scrog Pounder With LED

It really is impressive.

Best advise would be to check out some grow journals that are along the lines of what you are looking to do. Maybe start a journal if time permits. And most people running a journal will answer any question regarding their growing space and plant count ect.

Hope this helps.


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Go and spend 200 for you inside grow. Change your mary jane stran to a small and tight bud .My plants get 7 inches tall with 2 gallon pots used. yeald is small but great buds. I have a small closet set up. 2 -60watt clf (pig tail lights) for 6 female plants. buy a 4 inch carbon filter and inline fan. Good luck and do not over fert and water like I do.
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