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My First Grow Or A Brown Thumb Account Of Events

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Good Day All,

I started my first grow as a complete novice, however with the coming of age and legalization of Recreational Cannabis in California I thought it was only fair that I give it a shot. I really have very little experience with gardening or growing things. Often in business and even at home I have had others take care of the plants. I originally considered doing a greenhouse out back, but as my home backs up against an elementary school I thought better not.

Late November of this last year my brother FelepiBlu shared that he had started an indoor grow with what he called his getto tent setup. being resourceful and extremely frugal he shared with me his collection of misfits so to speak that he had cobbled together. In the end it really doesn't matter, as long as you get some bud's to enjoy.

Given my lack of knowledge regarding indoor grows I took to the goggle and quickly found plenty of info about successes and failures. Evaluating my needs and also the concept of you get out of something exactly what you invest, I choose to go a little more on the higher quality side with regards to capital equipment investments. I also sprinkled in the desire to try and keep the reoccurring cost such as electricity on the lower side. Having a background in electronics I equate heat with energy loss and wasted money.

So to start with I decided on a Gorilla Grow Tent
As with many things I purchase I look for longevity as part of the price point. Though fairly expensive to buy directly from GGT, this tent is available from a couple of grow supply companies for under $150 with no shipping or tax. Got to love that!!!

Next I looked at lighting, originally I shied away from LED because of the price point and lack of knowledge. It also appeared that there were a lot of units available from china that seems cheap and lacked spec's that I understood. Some of the higher cost heat generating light systems seemed to require an additional investment in cooling systems, which as stated before "heat equals wasted and poor use of poor management ie efficiency. So I selected a T5 direction. I started with a 2foot 2 bulb fixture to hang over the plant and 4 single 2foot bulbs to attach to the side corner poles.(really bad idea), fortunately never opened the boxes so I could return for store credit at my local San Diego Hydro store.
Here we have a temp test of the T5 fixture. As it turned out the T5 wasn't such a great idea. It didn't supply near enough light after the first seedling state and created what I consider longer distances between the initial 4-5 nodes.

So after a little background here is what I have going:

Skywalker OG (supposedly! given to me by a Ocean Beach grower/dealer, so I'm not exactly sure)
Indica (maybe) I'm certain it's a Photo, will have to see about the Sex. Several of my friends down at SDHydro say they can tell at this point, and feel it's a girl. (Perverts! Looking up little girls skirts)
Started Seed Germination Dec. 5th 2017
Currently in the Veg State
Soil Grow - Mother Earth GroundSwell Performance Soil 1.5 bag given to me as a sample(free)!!!
Started in a 3inch pot, moved up to a 6inch pot, currently in a 5gal fabric Root Pouch.
Perfect Sun Mini 110watt AC - 60 3watt LED's - cooled only with internal fans I have mapped out the PAR readings for hanging distances. Separate post of my PAR reading if you are interested. (hope that doesn't violate TOS on LED products.)
RH is typically between 50 and 70 depending on watering
Temp is slightly above 70F while lights are on, low 60's when light is off.
Water pH has been 6.7, will move down to 6.4-6.5 next gallon.
I have used a nute supplied by San Diego Hydro called Worm Tea. It is an active product they make and give away to their customers fresh twice a week. Going to hold off for 7-10 days and see if my CalMag issure resolves before continuing.

I'm will continue this log in the next thread to keep the individual threads manageable.
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An update on the Soil I'm using. It isn't a FoxFarms product at all. My bad, however it is a product made called Mother Earth GroundSwell, produced by a company called Sunlight Supply Inc.

I found the site and they have a really nice video describing their product and mission. The video I think is here: YouTube.

They have another product called CoCo Peat that also looks rather promising.
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So, to pick back up with my log as I'm quite a bit behind. I've been through a few rough weeks with my first little plant. I had moved it initially from a CoCo Starter pod to a small 4" pot.

Which of course caused a bit of a shock and slowed things down a bit. During that time I wasn't doing any feeding except for a product my local Hydro shop makes called WormTea.

It appears that that was not the best move even though I was cutting it 50/50 with water. I did about 3 different feedings and the result appeared to create a Magnesium deficiency.
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It did continue to grow but a much slower rate and I was able to transplant up to a 6inch pot. Still couldn't shake the brown tip issue. I was trying a foliage spray of Epson Salt at about 1tsp per liter with not much success. In the mean time the growth had gotten to the 5th node and I decided it was time to top above that point.

It was a fairly successful cut and succeeded in producing two very strong branches.
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Jan 18th, I transplanted into my final size pot. A fabric 5 gallon Root Pouch. Sitting it on top of a rack inside of a round drain pan.

The roots had really exposed themselves through the little drainage holes at the bottom of the 6" pot so it was certainly time to move up.
A couple days later on January 20 I received a new Black Diamond Perfect Sun Mini

Set it up and hung it at about 30" above the plant for the recommended adjustment period. BTW, some might note the logo states that it's a 500, but actually a 500 is two of the Mini's mounted together and wired for 230volt for sale overseas, or so it would appear.
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About a week after installing the new Perfect Sun Mini it was time to start lowering the light. Having seen some new growth I figured it was time to start an additional level of LST(low stress training). I had decided early on that I liked the idea of a Sea of Green, so I had purchased nylon netting with 3.5in openings.

Initially my efforts and application were a bit under par. Looking for a way to take some of the slack out, I remembered that Gorilla Grow Tents had an option for keeping the tent from pulling in due to high air flow being sucked out. The call them their High CFM Kit. Ordered two set of 4 bars and installed then tie wrapped the net all around and had a much better looking setup.

I now felt that I had made progress and might actually have some success with my SCRoG. More perhaps later on down the log.
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I have added a couple of digital controls to my set up since adding the new Mini LED light. One was a digital timer to control the light. I'm currently running a 20/4 period, and really didn't want to be tied to having to be on duty so to speak to turn on and off and fairly regular times. The other digital thermostat control I have recently added along with a small Reptile heater that uses a ceramic coil at 100watts inside a small metal cage. Because the Perfect Sun Mini LED really doesn't create much heat(it only draws 110 watts from the wall) there wasn't much to keep my GGT warm especially at night out in the garage.
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A little over a week since I started my Nutrient feeding. On Feb 7th this is what my plant looked like.

Lots of brown tips and fringes even though I had been adding Epsom Salt in the feeding and also in a foliar spray.

One week and three complete feedings with approximately 15-20% runoff and things are looking really healthy. Growth is being seen in a huge way each day.
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So now I'm still in a unknowing point with regards to what type of plant I actually have. Free seeds with no real reputation. Can't do anything about that in the moment. I had made such great choices I feel with regards to the type of equipment and materials I'm using for this grow, but I went totally cheap on the seeds. My brother has been using feminized autos, and for the most part is extremely happy with the outcome. Other that it appears he might not have gotten the seed he ordered.

Having gone ole school on starting with unknown photo's(supposed to be Skywalker OG) I still have no indication of sex and don't expect any until after I make the switch or light timing flip. Since I'm feeling I still have about 4 weeks before the veg to flower flip, I was looking for ways to help me determine sex earlier. I've been watching some videos that show a quick and dirty way to make a couple of clone cuttings and immediately put them on a 12/12 timing to force an early sex reveal. I've been collecting the equipment and materials to create a seedling/cloning box.

I have my original T5 2ft x 2bulb fixture. Have bought Root Riot and Clonex Propagation System. Will be using a propagation tray with a 7" dome. I'm going to purchase a large 45gallon Sterilite Storage Tote which I will line with a Mylar Refletix material that I will contact cement around. I have bought a warming pad and will most likely add both a digital light timer and digital thermostat to the system. As I get the complete idea put together photos will follow.
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My little one is up to every other day feeding in the mornings. Fed with an entire gallon of Nute mix. 2.5 tsps of Dyna Grow Grow and Protek as well as 2ml of CalMag. pH balanced at 6.47, runoff measured at 6.04pH. A bit over 2pints of runoff, so I guess I'm still doing a bit of a flush at 25%. Given my previous issues with I believe the WormTea used early on, I'm feeling the flush might be well worth it. Pictures are 2/14/18 after a little bit of tucking under.
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Good Morning World, this is the view that greeted me this morning.

I have been tucking almost every day along with a nice foliar spray twice a day. Apparently getting her wet each night has made the "Girl Go Wild"!
So Back to another tucking this morning.

Will see what it looks like tonight before bed when she gets wet again.
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So yesterday Thursday the 15th I got a wild hair and decided to do a little FOM'ing. I started with the idea after seeing growth like this.

So proceeded to FIM about 6 to 8 sites.

Here are a few easier ones to photo shoot.
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I did a a major topping very early on about a month ago.

I know the FIM'ing looks a bit ugly at first, but the results should be awesome.
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Received at great surprise my second PS Mini only a couple/three days after ordering. Wow!!! Way to go Neil!

This is my setup for now. I kept the distance from top of plant at about 18", 20" above the net.
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A couple of pictures update since installing the second light around 2pm on the 16th of Feb, 2018

So this is in the afternoon nicely re-tucked after a full gallon feeding

This is this morning Feb. 17, pushing back up, doesn't want to be held in.
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Feb. 18th and more of the same. The girl(fingers crossed) just won't stay still. Woke up to this view this morning.

This was going to be a big day anyway. She needed feeding again in less than 48hrs. My plans for the day was to take three trimmings for Clones, so that was on the agenda. Felt I really needed a bit more space and light to see what I was doing so I brought her out of the tent for a little fresh air.

Took a few pictures of some of the undergrowth to look at how the nodes where forming up underneath.

Finished the session after watering with a total of a complete gallon with about 15oz of runoff. Back in the tent and a measure of height just for the records. 13-14 inches tall at this point and spreading out nicely under the net.

Final picture before closing things up, until tomorrow morning when I have to push her back under again.