My First Grow With Multi-Strain Perpetual Garden - 2 x 600W


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Hey all this is my first attempt at a grow journal. I've got two tents and two 600 w hid lights along with soil and strains.

I'm using happy frog soil as well as fox farm nutrients.

Strains: 2x white widow auto xxl, one white widow auto, one auto afghan kush, one blue critical auto. These are in one tent under HPS 24:0

In the other tent I've got feminized but not auto: One candy cream, one white widow, one cheese, one blueberry, one skunk #1 and one Nevilles haze.

The autos vary between 40 days and two weeks old.

The feminized vary from 2 weeks to waiting to sprout. I've had some problems that I will get to and need help!
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So top pic above is the 40 day old white widow auto. The second is the same strain but a few weeks younger. The third is the auto afghan lush. Then the others are the oldest white widow and the newest blue critical auto. I've obviously over done it on the nutrients but I've dialed back a lot
You need to get a thermometer and find out what the temperature is in your grow room, it looks to me like heat stress, which could be from the overall grow room temperature, not just from the bulb directly.
And no, unless you gave them absurd amounts of mollasses, that wouldnt be the cause. Hope this helps!
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