My First Grow With Multi-Strain Perpetual Garden - 2 x 600W

Day two of my journal. I did some tying down of the afghan kush today which is beginning to flower under 24 hour light which is weird but awesome. I will submit a smoke report at the end because I am still sceptical of the high from autos. I've got 4 different strains that I will try and believe me I will be honest about the high
Starting today off right. Auto tent under 600 of HPS. First pic is the WHite widow auto xxl. Next pic is the same strain but two weeks younger. Third pic is the white widow auto freebie from seedsman. Fourth pic is the auto afghan kush that has just started flowering after 40 days. The last pic is of the blue critical auto frim dinafem
So here is the 18/6 photoperiod tent. First pic is the cheese. Next is the candy cream. After that is thenevilles haze and then the white widow. Next is the baby seedling skunk #1. Last pic is the still unsprouted blueberry. I've had nothing but trouble with blueberry. Three seeds and they all germinate and then die in the soil
As you can see I've done LST on all my girls so that I can grow perpetually. I know the autos will be done in a months and a half but I plan on selecting mothers from my photoperiod strains
Hey awesome journal. I'm on my third grow and I heard that autos grow best on 20-4 or 18-6 light schedule. I haven't tried any bt I have seen some experienced growers on this site use those light schedules. I prefer photo strains bcuz it gives me time to lst give them the shape and size I like which usually takes about 2 months before I flower them. One day I'll try autos bt for now I'll be subbed for ur journal. When I first found this site I didn't join or comment bt I got alot of valuable info that has helped my grow now I grow top shelf fire using a 1000w hps a 600w hps and good fox farms soil and nutes. Alot of ppl are learning from your grow not just yourself so don't get frustrated the support will come especially since you will soon have some gorgeous buds good luck with everything!!

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Good morning my friends I've got photos coming next of my auto tent on 24 hour light. First is the whole tent with five plants. Next pic is the white widow xxl auto. Second is the same strain but 2 weeks younger. Next is the freebie white widow auto Fromm seedsman. Next is the auto afghan kush followed by the blue critical auto
Never made a journal. Couldn't do one from my phone bt I've been looking for the best strains to try from all the growers on this site. Gonna grow them all out and see which are my favorites. Alot of leafly top strains on their list. Just got another order in the other day

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I've only ordered from seedsman. Seems like I might be the only one on this site to order from them. They use stealth shipping so I've gotten a novelty tie and novelty pair of Christmas socks and a baby set of plastic utensils. Kind of funny looking for the seeds hidden in the package
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