My First Grow With Multi-Strain Perpetual Garden - 2 x 600W

This is KO OG.
I'm using the 420 mag app so all u gotta do it click on my name and u can find it. Im only on my third grow bt I tried 24-0 on my first grow and noticed my girls much faster on 18-6 on my second grow. I'm sure if u type in 18-6 vs 24-0 u will find scientific evidence that shows they prefer some dark time to convert the energy into food like in nature bt some ppl have space issues so I understand i hope yours turn out good

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After a few days out of town my plants seem to be ok. Not sure if it's the HPS light of nitrogen deficiency in the auto tent. Gave them a gallon of fox farm bloom nutrients since it's been a week. Last pic is the Bean Og photo period
Help! My plants are getting really yellow. How do I get the PH right? I don't have a ph meter but it seems that might be the problem. Also I started using tap right from the sink. Could this be the issue?
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