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my first grow

i Am Melted

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hi 420 and all well my name is iAmM3lT3D i have just started to grow weed i am from bonnie scotland (freedom) lol i would like it if yous can all give me advice for my first grow as you can see am doing not to bad the now but some of my leaves were curling up and some were curling down but it is still healthy :goodjob: i have started to bud them as well now its only been 4 days but they are looking good as far as am concerend lol but any tips or advice would be very greatfull :cool027:

i have 3x yumblot 47, mazar kush x3 and stawberry blue x2, they are under two 250w lights and a fan if you lookat photos you will see it i just cant wait till they are ready to smoke :cheer: once again thanks to all thts helped me so far cheers 420


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Hi i Am M3lT3D, Welcome to 420Magazine. :welcome:
:thanks: for joining us. :smokin:
Scotland, beautiful place to be. Yes?
I hope you stay with us.
Check out the links in my signature.
Hope to see you around the forums.


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How are you doing today i Am M3lT3D.
Well things well be better now that you are here. ;)
:welcome: to 420

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i Am Melted

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thanks all for the help and stuff i haver just put up some recent photos of my babies if yous care to have a look

i Am Melted

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hello bk the bud in scotland is gd its tht gd i have to grow it myself it is so hard to get it up here it is mostly solid we get but not complaining for i have got my own now so i am happy now lol whats it like over the water lol
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