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My First Grow!

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Hello all ! First off I want to apologize if I put this in the wrong section...

Anyways on with my grow.
This is my first time growing, so if you will please bare with me as I have a few questions !!

I have 2 white cookie plants
And 2 green crack plants
Both form king crop

So far everything has Gone excellent!! I've had such a green thumb my first go !
Until now... today is week 2 for my oldest white cookie she is just starting her 4th or 5th node with almost no node spacing at all, short bushy and beautiful (very indicate dominant)

Anyways I'm having a problem ... I noticed her leaves are starting to turn a pale greenish color .. starting from the inner leaf out..
and its mainly on the oldest two fan leafs ..

I'll post some pics if someone can help me plz , ive done a ton of searching and I can't find a clear answer..
My guess it could be nitrogen or magnese
But she might just be hungry for nutes ....
any thoughts !??
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Re: My first grow !

I forgot to mention , if her being hungry is the problem.. them I'm screwed because I don't have any nutes to feed her at the moment...
I'm gonna get the advance nutes 3 part
But I won't have it till next week ! Will my girl be okay !??
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Re: My first grow !

Sorry having trouble uploading pictures..

All my plants are in a closet ..
Under 4 13 watt 6500k cfl bulbs
Soil grow.
Not sure about the temps... won't have a thermometer till tomorrow
However they are between 71-80f no more no less!
Not sure about Rh..... won't have a rh meter till tomorrow
Not sure As for ph .. won't have a meter till tomorrow
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Re: My first grow !

As you can tell in the first pic the plant still looks lush and green , but when you zoom in you can clearly tell it's loosing some color... after doing a little reasearch I want to say it is a cal mag def.. but I don't have any .. nor will I be able to get any till next week... will my girl be okay like this for less then 7 days !???
Does someone else agree with it being a cal mag deficiency!??
Or maybe she is just super hungry , today is week two with no nutes or anything..
But I don't have any food, nor will I till next week! Will she be okay !??? Any info or advise is very much appreciated!!
Here are today's pics !
6/14/17 7:15pm
I have common sense.. and common sense tells me the colors are fading more... sigh ...