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My First Grow


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I got some seedz off my brother.
Thiz iz my first grow.
How do i know when to pick the buds and How many HOURS do i need to put the light on THE PLANT.:adore:


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Oh dude, read the reference material and yell if you have problems.
You got 2-3 months of 18-20 hours days, before they get ready to flower
Then 55-70 days till you harvest.
Not really a pickin' thang as much as a trimmin' thang.

2 to 3 months of 18 to 20 hours days?

Here's the schedule: Vegetate the grow at 18 hours of light per day for 28 days (4 weeks) and then set the lights to 12 hours per day until the girls finish, usually around 60 days. That's a general rule of thumb for an indoor grow and you'll have great results. If you're growing a sativa dominant strain and have the room to grow upwards, THEN you can veg for 60 days or until the girls and boys start to show signs of sex. At that time, switch to 12 hour days. I personally don't bother vegging the girls more than 28 days no matter what I'm growing. Electricity is expensive and 90 days is plenty of time to grow lots of killer buds. There's a lot more to growing than just the lighting schedule such as what fertilizers to use, PH balance, what to do for pest problems and recognizing the problems BEFORE they get out of hand...etc. GL with your grow. The first one can be discouraging but you'll get it.


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^^ my first question for gorillabuds is...What are you doing up and posting at 3:26 a.m.? Smoke some of that bomb shit and go back to bed bro! :3:

I'd have to go with Gorillabuds time line...mostly because most people don't have the space to grow the huge plants that would come from DaMagoMan's numbers. It's not wrong, it will just make them too big for most peeps spaces.

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