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My First Harvest


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YAY..my first harvest is now being smoked!
It didn't render alot because....
I had never had a mature plant before this so, I had no clue what I was doing.
I had NO money for lights (Christ its expensive), no money for food ( except some molasses)... And it was not until the 5th week of flowering that I got (borrowed) a grow light , hood and 2 bulbs.
I only got 15 grams (1/2 ounce for ya old dudes like me) between the two plants.

Wickedly good buds tho...very sticky, sweet and smoke like a dream!
I have no clue what kind of weed it is other than a sativa of some sort.
It was ready to puff this morning :tokin:
I did a wake and bake with it to see how good it was......
I am a heavy smoker....1/2 oz a week or more.
and in two bong hits I was STONED STUPID!
Really nice flavor and a great high that lasted about 3 hours :thumb:

I planted 12 more seeds today....


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:) Thanks Rubivroom I will do that.


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Congrats, as your first harvest is being smoked. I am also a heavy smoker like you. I wish your new planted seeds will have Really nice flavor and a great high that lasted hours after getting matured.


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Yes....One tablespoon per gallon of water. I was told to use only the Blackstrap molasses.
I found it at a organic food store.
I only used it when flowering and only every other week. Then flushed a week before harvest.


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If you have ever used "Gravity", on the back of the bottle it says molasses may give better results. Blackstrap is best but, you can use the regular stuff you find at the local grocery if you must

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