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My First Indoor Grow - Unknown Strain


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Hello All. This is my first grow inside. The seeds are unknown strain from a bag of good weed I enjoyed. I actually started this diary on another forum but you guys seem kinda interesting also so I wanted to join, share and learn here also.
The 2 plants are now at 18 days growth and altho one is sickly (you'll see)
the one I call Plant 1 is doing well and I started LST on that plant yesterday.

Firstly... My grow area.Plant 1 and 2 - 9 days growth , 15 days since germinating
11 days growth and Under 400w HPS for two days.

15 days growth and I must admit I am a bit perplexed.
BOTH of these were planted at the same time, same light, same soil, same pots, etc.
(I DID re-pot up from the small brown pots at different times)
One is SO much larger and the 2nd seems sickly. Any advice ?
Secondly... any guess as to what kind of strain or type these may be ?
I'm REALLY hoping that plant 1 is a female...It just LOOKS like something I'd like to eventually smoke. :smoke2:

16 days Growth - Just re-potted to final pots (11" dia. 16" tall)

Maybe this will work out well. Hoping it's a girl ! If not, then at
least it's good practice !
I'll update with new pics later

Peace :51:
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What a difference 2 days makes ! Here are new pics. :D
18 days Growth

Plant 1 - LST
Plant 1 - LST is looking pretty good imho.
I'm worried about Plant 2 :|

Any help or suggestions are VERY welcome.

Peace :51:
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The growth looks healthy. +reps

You may be overwatering, however. Common with new growers(drowning in love). Try watering by the wet and dry method. Water once you can put your finger an inch into the soil and not feel moisture. Some swear by this method. You can also try to gauge the weight of the plant when fully watered and dry(ready for watering) and simply heft the plant to judge how much water is in the soil. Overwatering can cause the drooping in leaves that you see.
Also, is the light still the same distance away from the plants? A distance of at least 2 ft is a good idea.
And one last thing, what kind of soil are they in? Was there any previous nutes in the soil? And have you chosen a fertilizer yet? It may be time.


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HHGreenHand... thanx, I'm trying :) I don't "think" I've been over watering, but I'll hold on more watering for a bit. I'm afraid my problem MAY be that I used miracle grow soil, which has nutes in it. Supposed to feed for 3 months. I "really" don't wanna change the soil, but I will if I must.

I'm hoping the plant will mature a bit more and get adjusted to the soil. :|
oh well.. We'll see. Any suggestions or comments are most welcome.

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The miracle grow soil can lead to problems but i've used it before. I didnt have many problems with it, but some people have had various problems. Plant #2 does look like it has a pH problem. And im not 100% but it looks like the begining of the same problem on #1. Boss will be through and im sure he'll be able to tell better than I can. Keep on keepin' on.

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You need to get a bigger fan for that 400... It will strengthen the stems too... That MG is the three month fert too, so watch the nutes when you start them closely. Start out low strength and work your way up... Good luck man...


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Mg isnt a bad soil you might want to flush it well to try to get some of those nasty nute bals out, and as hh stated make sure that you are doing the wet dry cycle.
the flush is the first thing id start with. check you ph in your water before hand and that could possibly fix the problem. again boss or one of the other mods will be in soon and wil give you additional advice. + rep for luck


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Sorry about the pics Boss. I have my own little server and I usually post all
my online stuff there. I'll be sure to use the 420 site from now on on this forum.

HHGreenHand and Boss... yup, seems that over watering could well have
been my main problem. I didn't water them yesterday and today they look much better.
Thank you SO much. I started these plants to learn and
prepare myself for growing Nirvana Fem. Snow White seeds I had ordered
and have now received. The first of two Nirvana Fem. Snow White seeds
that I germinated popped her pretty little head out of the soil today !
I'll be making a grow diary for her and her sister soon ! :3:

Anyway... The LST plant is looking great , IMHO.


An Underneath Shot - Best I could do with my old fuzzy eyes :p

Plant 2 - Looking better


Thanks for the help and as always, comments and such are always welcome .



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I don't currently have a way to check Ph Boss :| I'll work on that asap. As far as nutes go...
Both plants are in the same soil, light, water, etc. I just re-potted Plant 2 in that miracle grow soil
WITH nutes in it, so I'm thinking the plant was burned as it had too much, I dunno. I am certainly
afraid to give any nutes to either plant atm because of that soil.
I could have sworn I put a pic of the miracle grow soil bag here to show what I used, but it seems
to have disappeared.The Miracle-Gro® Potting Mix is what I have . Fertilizer Analysis 0.21 - 0.07 - 0.14 if that's any help.
Oh well... I'll continue on and see how they progress...
I'm sorry for the quality of the pictures. My eyes are bad and it's tough to see to focus and
the color is off because of the lights. I do try to do color corrections in Photoshop sometimes,
so that's why they look of different shades and hues,
As always, comments and such are always welcome .



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Plant 2 looking better today. Just kinda *perky* if ya know what i mean.

The Plant 1 - LST is looking good today also, not a *lot* of new growth,
but all the leaves and small branches are now turned upward nicely pointing
towards the light. I'll post more pics in a day or so. I'm wondering if I
should continue training what was the top of the plant on around the pot ?
It's facing the light atm , but soon will have enough new growth to train it
down or around even more.

Any Ideas or suggestion ? It's doing quite well and not seeming to mind
being bent all around. LOL

The leaves on these 2 plants are so fat. Is that an Indica trait ?



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I'm going to try to get some sort of PH kit, meter, etc, today and a thermometer.
I have no idea what the temps around the plants are.
In my room it's probably around 70 or so (we like it cool in the house)
and the plants are in a closet in my room. The light, surprisingly enough,
doesn't seem to contribute a LOT of heat although it IS warmer in the
closet. I just put the lights high enough over the plants so that I can
hold my hand right over the plant's tops with out feeling much heat from the bulb.
Anyway.. I'll try to check those two things ASAP.

The plants are looking great imho ! Plant 1 - LST is *really* bushing
out and Plant 2 is looking SO much better since the re-pot. I took pictures
today away from the HID to get flash from the camera to try to show
accurate color. I'm SO happy about how the LST is going... perhaps,
as it get stronger, I shall try it on Plant 2.

Plant 1 - LST


Underneath and Top


Plant 2



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