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hello eve1:yummy: this should be fun! let me start off the room is 5x4x8' built out of 2x4 and black plastic (****made tent) my buddy gave me a metal 4x5 tray and i just built around it..

i have a intake fan at the bottom for fresh air and 2 exhuast fan and 1 isolating fan
i'm running 400w mh for vegging and a 1000w for flowering..

i started 6 seeds on 1-1-2010 unknown strain but it was 5g buckets

i'm using foxfarm ocean forest with extra perlite and some lime mixed in..
foxfarm grow big- tiger bloom-big bloom-cha-ching-open sesame-beaty bloom-liquid seaweed by maxicrop-b'cuzz bloom and superthrive.

the plants are about 18 days old from seed.. just transplanted 5 of them yesterday.. i hope i can entertain you all wish me luck guys:headbanger::headbanger:


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group shot


hey hey i got it.. lol i did'nt read where it says delete the htt//...

i'll try to get a better camera, right now i'm using my phone camera..


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hello eve1;) i got bored so i figured i'd take some pics as i was taking some pics i knocked over one of my babys i hope she'll be ok but anyways here's some pics..


look at the fan leaf on the right looks like something was chewing on it,but i check for bugs did'nt see none.. anybody have a clue what would cause that?


this plant i notice that the fan leave is curling down a little hoping this was caused for the transplant the other day..


this plant i notices some new growth..




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last night i decided to try a hydro on the plant i knocked over.. i pulled the plant from the dirt and run it under some water intill most of the dirt came off the roots and gently put her in the net bucket.... everything seemed fine then woke up today and she was wilted... is that commend for a plant to do that?


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Looking good. Some advice, fill your buckets to the top with soil. Looks like you are giving up about a gallon of capacity. As they get big they will need all the space they can get. Also be sure you have plenty of drain holes in those buckets. I am using the same buckets and drilled about a dozen 1/2" holes in the bottom and a few in the side at the bottom.


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Looks good!!! How is your temp? The reason I ask is I''m wondering if you could get your light a little closer, or perhaps you are pulling the lights up for your photo shoots. +rep


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hello loch.. the light mabe a 1'-1/2 away, but my temps been running around 83, so i turned my exhust fan on and she's steady at 80 now.. temps in the low 80's now, thats with a 400w mh i think the 1000w hps is going to be to much.. do u guys think a 600w hps would be adequate for a room of 5x4x8?


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Hi beckernova, your plants look good and happy. MH bulbs burn warmer than HPS bulbs. 600W is what I would use! Much Luck to ya. :peace:


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Beckernova - If you haven't bought the light yet you may want to wait. I don't want to talk you out of a purchase or anything. But as you don't know how many females you have you may find yourself down a few plants, which your 400 watt light would be able to take care of easily.

I don't have a 1000 watt light so I don't know how hot they run, I also don't have any idea of what your ambient temp outside of your grow closet/tent is. But considering you are running into the 80s with ventilation on, under a 400 watt light, in winter.... well maybe you don't need to overbuy.

(Please understand - the "don't overbuy" advice is something I usually don't listen to either. :> )

The 400 watt very well can take you all the way to harvest with your size, but if you are looking to future larger grows... or perhaps setting up a veg room and a flower room...

My personal advice would be don't buy a 600 watt, if you already have a 400 watt, if you are going to buy think about the 1000 watt and then think about how to cool things down a bit as temps may warm.
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