My First Organic Soil & Autoflower Grow

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Pic number three is the midget. Compared to the other two she is growing quite slowly. But since being moved closer to the light I can tell she's strengthening up. Ironically her roots are way more firmly planted than the other two cuz after a heavy watering this morning number 1 (the oldest) would tip over during watering. Number two drooped her leaves a bit but otherwise didn't bend, maybe over watered, but 3 stood firm and even seemed to enjoy it, raising her leaves up to the light [emoji1316]

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Nice, there they are! Love the praying that they seem to do when they're happy! Water around them til they get established so you don't wash too much soil away from their tender roots, otherwise.....looking fantastic!
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Merry Christmas eve everyone! So over the past few days things have been busy prepping for holiday cheer. Two of the plant babies are doing really well. Number two has a small pale stripe.. possibly a bug? Number three though woah what's going on here the leaves are round... Mutation? Good or bad?

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Way better pics with lights off DaB......your girls look great. The crinkliness is likely strain related. They're autos right?

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Eeek.....get a picture of them if possible? Good planning through, there's that rosemary oil again. Van Stank and I we're discussing growing small rosemary plants in each of our pots to help with insects.
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Yeah they're critical Jack autos, though the leaves are very wide right now. Will post new pics soon
Here's some pics from last night, also I'm wondering how often to spray that mite control stuff. I also got some slf100 but have no idea how to measure 5ml per gallon. Pretty tired today. Had a blast yesterday though hope you guys all had a nice Christmas[emoji1308][emoji16][emoji172]❤️

I think I had just sprayed them so sorry if they're a bit wet but notice number 3 is definitely mutated and growing very slowly.. what do you guys think

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Re: My First Organic Soil & Autoflower Grow

Their are many ways to measure out 5ml. I use a small plastic syringe, whatever you feel comfortable with using. I believe a tablespoon is equal to 25ml. Follow the instructions on your mite control. I do know that your regiment should be carried out for minimum 2-3 weeks. If I'm not mistaken, mite stages mature every 3 days, so you should be treating every day to ensure you're treating the different mite stages.
Those mutated leaves will disappear as the plant grows......unless they don't lol.
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So the mite spray worked but I had fungus gnats too, I come to realize they were hypoaspis miles mites (which are good for defense) that were feeding on the fungus gnats. Oi vey... so I let the containers dry out til my moisture meter said dry and set out some sticky yellow traps... I hate bugs even if they're beneficial. I think they're gone but just like to be sure. Speaking of beneficial bugs, I'm curious about nematodes. Will have to research. I added SLF100 to spring water and gave them all something to drink since the soil had been dry for a few days now and they looked thirsty.. No bugs as far as I can tell but now I have traps and bug spray [emoji16][emoji1303]
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Happy late new years guys. (Jan 2) So my girls are going pretty well. Number two is surprisingly strong. Number one kinda tipped over so I had to prop her up with a stake but she's still growing healthy. Number 3 is clearly still struggling to grow mutated leaves.
The sticky traps I set out seem to work very well. I don't see any more bugs!

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Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

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Sending you lots of love and positive energy.