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My First Outdoor - From 5 Year Old Bagseed !!


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This is both from really good bag seed that i had a friend give me the seeds that he has been collectiong over the past five to ten years. They were planted in MG Garden soil, and are thriving like crazy. The first 2 pics are from June 19 of this year. The last two pictures are current pics i took today 7-12-14.
And then these two pictures are of 7-12-14


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Not really sure how to top, and didnt want to take a chance at this point, so far along. I noticed that this morning, that there are some white hairs growing on top. So i dont know if that would be a good idea to top if hairs are starting to grow on top?? And what is lst? Kinda a newbie here since this is my first grow. I can always let them grow the way they are and they will still have nice cola buds without topping, correct? because i heard when u do top them, the cola buds get bigger? Any help or response much appreciated.


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every one has their own style of growing , i did same as you and this is my first proper grow also , i was always afraid to cut bend or what ever , but as time goes by you take more chances , lst is low stress training , you just tie branches down to let more growth come up , cannabis grows like a christmas tree so you try make your own shape to get more than one main cola ... i have a picture of one i have lst ed ill post it here to give you an idea , makes it more fun and hopefully better yields for you

Nice work so far though


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I see what u mean. ANd yes i thought about it, but then i would have to do an indoor set up if i did clones, and right now im on a tight budget and cant afford to build a box and have a set up indoors right now. Was thinking of building a grow box this winter to get everything ready for next year. We will see how that turns out. And thank you for the advice and tips paddy, its much appreciated. :thumb:
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