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My first plant


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from the time you put it to flower. it depends on your lights and food anong with the care it receives from you. people find it very difficult to grow it out to where it deserves to be. i would let the plant go till the tech were 35 to 40% amber. this will take between 50 and 75 days from the time you switch to 12/12. unless you started it this way.
peace dont hurry! patients will really pay off in the end! no cutting early either, youll end up with very little. when you harvest you will loose 75% of the weight when it dries. be prepared and love love love the plant. not to much food. mimic mother nature!


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After switching your lights to 12/12, Skywalker has an average of 8-9 weeks to finish. Yes, with optimal condition; light, temp, RH, nutes, CO2 your plant should grow to it's full potential. Good luck!


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skywalker in its original form is of the auto flower variety.
50 to 75 days from popin also.
ive done it. some of the first seeds out there.
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