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My First SoG Grow


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so I'm running 5 x 315W CMH 3100K nanolux fixtures and bulbs - they're controlled via a wireless controller so no large load switching, also do softstart till all of them strike and does them randomly within 10s of the time I set
I also have a Migro Array 4. which I've hung in a cross around the center light. also have 5 fluro led tubes at 8W each totally 1855W

I'm extremely limited by height. I had top cut my tent poles all down to make it fit, there a photo of how much clearance I get assume the tent is like 175-180cm oh 240cmx240cm or 8'x8'

for fresh air I have an active intake. as there's a metal grate at leads to the outside so I try and suckas much as I can from there. I also have a 110 galleon res with a bluelabs Ph controller. I usually just run it aerated and add nutes as I water. but there's a photo of that. the ph controllers rock btw.

outtake I have an a/c that vent's hot air so I have a styrofoam box which I've placed a 200x200 carbon filter. above it is a centrifugal fan moving 750 cubic meters. nmot sure what that is in cfm but harder than my A/C vents so it doesn't damage the fan in there, I have a chimney thing that leads to the roof so honestly I could skip the fan.

so I'm growing in coco and perlite. probably about 50/50 in 3 galleon pots. the strain is (mostly) royal queen seeds Wedding Gelato. i germinated 50 but some died as I had some shitty life things going on that meant I couldn't get home, long story. but what evers, I had some extra seeds some of them are thus, RQS critical aswell as 2 critical+ 2.0 from dinafem.

nutrients I'm using the Flora trio at about 20% if that. then in Veg I use Uber Monster Growth Pro. then in stretch I give them less of the growth and good dose of Uber Blossom Blaster, then my flower supplement is Monster Bloom also buy uber. i just use the flora as a base. also have a cal mag with no nitrogen I give throughout.

there like... 1-2 weeks old?


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Oh thought I'd add, I've been filling the space with 5 plants and averaging like 3-4 lbs
and my A/C is being repaired right now so I'm only running I cmh and the LEDS :/
Amazing looking garden my friend. I'd love to tag along watch those babies grow. :thumb:


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quick update got my hygrometer dried and working properly again so just reporting temp of 77F (25c) at a R.H. of 58%. leaf temp was 76F measured with an IR thermo with emissivity set to 0.97 (keep in mind my CMH's emit IR light so it will fool the sensor slightly - apparently) - the aircon is fixed soon as I get it back I can get the VPD back to optimal
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Well done mate.

The ladies are coming along nicely.

A couple more months and you will be in the middle of winter, I think.

It has been 15 years since the last time I was down under.

Once, I was in Perth and celebrated Christmas there.
First time for me to have Christmas in the middle of summer.

Take care, and :goodluck: with your grow.



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it wouldnt say oz if I astill lived there mate, nah northern hemisphere these days. been fucking cold as tits lately. we do grow strong weed back home though I do miss that. and dirt cheap

back home the girls are about this satage

nop one does indoor in summer as we get blackouts every year it sucks and its like up to 47C sometimes (that's like 117F)


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update. f**k my local electrical place i bought my A/C from they're taking for ever to return/replace it. anyway update. nothing to report really. humidity is a bit high without A/C though...

Everyone is coming along nicely my friend. :thumb:


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theres a few stragglers but thats because I germinated them after the others, funny about that lol. so I noticed some mould on the floor under the pots. so before it gets into flower I decided to do something against it as a preventative measure more than anything, humidity is a bit high till my ac comes back. so I added 5mg/L nicotine freebase to my reservoir, after my nutes then watered all the girls till there was a nice amount of run off on the floor to sterilize it. ill wait 2 hours then use my wet vac to vac it up. and before you ask.

Yes, I've done this before
no the plants actually seem to like it.

course it works, kills EVERYTHING (except plants) - but seriously, nicotine is neurotoxic to any living organism, including bacteria and fungus - and you so wear adequate protection!

can use as foliar application also against insects or mites or things. best applied in a 50/50 methanol and water solution
as foliar but even 30% any alcohol will do.

weird? nicotine is the only pesticide allowed in organic farming ;)


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Wanna flick them I shoiuldmget my A/C back tomorrow or today then I can do that, crank all my CMH's back on. going from 20/4 to 12/12 should give me nice stretch I've lollipop them when I get my. Still haven't got it back so annoyed cosa its time to flick, the styraglers ill poip in other tent under a 315W cmh aswell a 2.5x2.5 to let them get the most out of thereveg state, I wont tip and ill fill in the gaps then :)

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