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My First Time Grow - Advice Welcome


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ok i started my first grow and i woke up one morning and the plant fell over. i think it may have over stretched. Now im germinating a feminized (mega power plant seed) to start the process over and maybe have a lot more success but can anybody tell me what i did wrong? im using a 150 watt sun system fixture light on 18/6. Please help thanks

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Re: My First Time Grow not going well

My plants have fallen over, lights and fallen on them as well as fans. Takes some time but they usually bounce back. Need more info on ur grow to give any feed back. Size of grow area? How far away was ur light? Grow medium? Pics speak volumes so post em

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Re: My First Time Grow not going well

Good to see you here on 420mag. The more info you post the more we can help you with good info as Tamir has posted. It does sound like light was to far away. It also could be not having fan on them as well. Now as far as light being on 18/6 you might want to do 24hr for your seedlings to help from not stretching then switch to 18/6 at 5 nodes. You will need to learn how close you can keep light to keep it from stretching as well. I look forward to see more info posted and if you can get pic will help as well. Have a good one and keep it growing green.

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