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My first time growing


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Strain - Don't know
# of Plants - 2
Grow Type - Soil
Grow Stage - Vegetative
Bucket Size - cup
Lights - outdoor
Room Temperature -70 to 86
Solution Temperature -65 to 69
Pests - None Known

After having them planted for over 2 weeks this is as big as they have gotten and there starting to turn yellow even tho they have been getting more then 6 hours of sunlight.


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Whats' goin on man. Those are a bit small for two weeks of being above the soil. First, a few questions. What type of soil or planting medium is that that you are using? also, plants in a vegetative state need at lease 16 - 24 hours of light to thrive in veg. Though, I will say your on the right track. I also grow my plants outside and I have yet to find any lights that can compare to the sun. Also, if they are turning yellow that young and you have them under nothing but sunlight, you either need to give them more water, or less water. They should only need to be watered about every 3-5 days in this state. Too much water will do more harm then good. Here are a few pics of my ladies in soil that have received nothing but natural sun light since they've popped.


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I wouldn't worry about the slow growth.. Mine were that small for the longest time and I couldn't figure it out and then they all of a sudden took off. I have transplanted them twice into bigger pots since and that always seems to help a lot.


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It's either pheno related problem (believe me, I've been there) or sun shock (I kill few plants every season exposing them too early). Less direct sun light is actually better in the first 5-7 days. Are your temps really that low? I have that kind of temps around October, so it also might be cold nights problem. Are they bleaching?


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Thanks for the help it turned out to be sun shock, i took them out of direct sunlight and they have gotten allot better all the yellow leaves are gone only new green leaves and they have grown a good amount.


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Best advice for new growers IMO , ph, ph and ph. I would get yourself a good understanding of how it will effect your plants and how to adjust it. Happy growing
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