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My first time with a vaporizer


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I have never smoked out of a vaporizer but I did for the first time yesterday it was a kinda ingenious home made vaporizor he made it from a sadoring iron a jar and a wooden base I have never used a real vaporizor but the guy who made it said he made it just like the ones you buy in the store he went and checked out how it was made and all that and itis accually pretty simple to make one the only thing it lacks is something to regulate how hot the bowl gets but we discussing it and he plans to use a dimmer switch for a light to regulate the heat but it was a pretty neat little vaporizor got me high as hell to..........I remember reading the only way to make a home made vaporizor was with a light bulb aka a donkey but I am here to say thats not true you just need the heating element off a sadoring iron and it can be done pretty simple gotta love potheads and there creative ways


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You gotta love the MacGyver smokers! :adore: It’s true that most vaporizers in the $100+ range are basically just a soldering iron in a box. However, it’s also true that in this case you get what you pay for. Reputable brand name vaps have the heating element fully enclosed in an airtight glass chamber so you don’t inhale harmful fumes. Your friend seems like he knows what he is doing, but you might want to take a few dry hits (clean whip and no weed) with the temperature all the way up to make sure nothing is coming off the soldering iron. Nevertheless, I get the impression that it’s working pretty well, and once the dimmer switch is on there, you’ll be set.
:cool027: Enjoy the vap man!


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:laugh2: Yeah...when there is a will...there is a way...420 people are innovative survivalists!
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