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My Flower Girl's Cloned


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Here's my first attempt at cloning, i took clones from the lower branches of my mother in flower, i used rootone powder, soil mix is 30/70 perlite to homemade mix. Im using one 23w 2700k CFL & one 45w 4500k CFL @ 24/0 to re-veg them(would 18/6 be better, im puttin them back into flower once they get rooted). The clone chamber is made out of old trellis pieces and commercial grade suranwrap. Tell me what ya think for a 35min project... they were a bitch to nail together... Oh and dont poke fun at my ghetto fab'd wall paper... LOL
I also have 5 stinkbud seeds in the red cups that i will start ANOTHER grow journal for. These kids will get 12/12 right from the get go...(Hopefully, i get a male for breeding because this was some KILLER bud) I know this may sound dumb but are there any pluses or minus from Breeding the same strain?
Heres the set-up

The Bulb-age

Hope these two survive the transformation



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i was moving them around today to put them on a platform so they would be closer to the light and i knocked one over really bad, alot of soil came out and the clone came loose... so i pull it out gently and saw there was no root shoots yet, jus a tiny white nub at one of the nodes, i cleaned off her leaves and mini buds and put her back in... hopefully the make it...

poker shark

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Nice clones...I have read that trimming off the leaf tips as much as 50% helps promote root growth... I did it with my last clone experiment with great succcess.


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STINKBUD seedlings one with 0 true leaves after dicotyledon wtf??

heres a few new shots of the seedlings after they pop'd up
sorry for the shitty quality pics, right now my 1.3m camera phone works better than my 10.3m digital.... sucks
better pics tommorrw promised!

Heres A-1, different strain than stinkbud... my pre-veg guess is it'll be indica dominant....


This is the mutant.... it has noooo first true leaves yet and it has been sprouted for more than a day( very odd)

has any one seen this before and what was the result?


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ok so my baby girls have been hardened up for the last 3 days... they're starting to show vertical growth but seem to be fighting for light... plannin on veg'n them for 1 more week to get their roots better established then 12/12 and the seedlings will stay in here.

This last one i cant tell if its waiting to get flowering again or its got some mold... its the healthiest clone i have so i hope its the first option...

comments welcome...:)


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update pics... all four clones have roots showin up at the bottom of the pot... time for 12/12!!!!
group shot

A1: Wall of Green Candidate

B1: Wall of Green Candidate

The Clonees


Tanya: Got tied down last night....this should be interesting

Carmen: got tied down as well: has her own little pest control too..



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Update Pics
transplanted all 4 in 3 gal pot with styrofoam and feed tube with holes in the middle... the clones were slightly rootbound but hopefully the take off in the new set-up...

they got really tore up by a spider mite infestation... sprayed them with insecticidal soap.... also spent a good hour killing the mites with my fingernail, As well as pinching the badly eating leaves off.....


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New pics
Day 3 12/12
looks like they're takin to the new condition... 2700k CFLs (2 68w, 5 11w @ 12.7k lumens.... budget bulbs... )

heres my dirty girl Tanya

Carmen is the most healthy so far with 5 veg nuGGs

Diamond has purple... lockout?

Gerdy is still under the weather and wishes not to be seen...

mother flower of these clones smells like over-ripe cantalope, sweet fruity skunky.... 1 word yum... thats at around week 5 of flower so we got a little ways to go with these... :439:


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9/16: Day 8 12/12
the lil ladies are lovin the new lights for sure.... all show new growth/greenier leaves
Group Shot

Carmen is still the healthiest of the 4.... tons of growth\\\///

Tanya is catchin up to Carmen tho...

Diamond is stretchin some...

Flipped this one cuz i liked that it loked like a 5-blade...it kinda makes me antsy cuz of the angle..

and last but not least... Gerdy... she has really made a turn around

all 4 clones had to have a few more infested leaves removed and hopefully does it for the mites.... enjoyЖ439Ж


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Update pics
10/2 Quick Teaser pics
Diamond's two main colas...

Sorry Carmen is kinda Fuzzy, you can start to see her bonsai molding...

Tanya's bonsai action is looking good...

Gerdy is the plain straight cola look... shes got symmetry....

the rest are comin soon... :439:


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Sorry for the slack ass posting... been really busy...
Update Pics
11/6 They slowed down for a bit, but still are growing...
Heres Gerty who i needed to LST so she wouldnt grow into the light

This is Diamond's two tops... thinking about training them back together, pretty odd looking tho

Tanya has stretched out a little

Carmen has filled out as well

Check out my other grow journals for new updates as well... :439:
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