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My Girl Stopped Growing

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Hey yall...new here btw and this is my second time growing. My problem is that my girl(Bagseed) went into flowering by accident..I now know that its female thankfully...but she is way to little and want to keep on Veg cycle but it seems to have stopped growing totally. Its been almost 2 weeks i believe since the accident. Any insight would be awesome! Thanks

and this site fracken ROCKS
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not exactly sure how long...it was outside and had to bring it in due to being too paranoid lol and it took a few days or so to whip up a pc grow box...now its on 18/6 and its been 8 or 9 days now maybe on that schedule... Thanks
Give her some more time.

Switching from veg to flower cause a lot of changes in the plant and going back into veg will take a while. Just be patient and she'll come around :)

Good luck!