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My grow project


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I have been researching LED grow lights to use in a 30"x 30"x 7' closet.
I have found two companies Adavanced; and GrowStealth that seem to have a panel that I would be interested in using. Both LED panels are said to have an light intensity "footprint" of 30"x 30" which would fit my closet perfectly.
My plan is to grow a couple of plants in 2-3 five gallon pots with the net pot lids; using Hydroton as the medium. Bubblers. For ventilation I am using two 6 inch duct booster fans.
My goal is to grow year around; and with heat issues using HPS light in the summer; and with rising electric bills I am hoping that this set-up will be more cost savvy in the long run.
Your thoughts and ideas are appreciated.


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Hey Darkpathus.

Just reading your thread, glad to see you considering one of our products, I hope your research leads you to us, you will not be disappointed!

When I saw the size of grow area you had, just had to butt in haha. Yeah a GS300 would be perfect. Not only are you going to get the full core saturation of the light but growing in a tent is beneficial to leds, all that light thrown outside the core footprint is also bounce off the walls back on to the plant. PERFECT Setup for led's

Anyhow looking at the venting, Seems like 2 6" fans are a bit much. One of our customers is running 4 GS300 Pro-Blooms in a tent and still just vents with one 4" inline fan, & that's through a Scrubber!

If I could give anymore input, I'd say just get 4 buckets and do 4 plants. Cause when you do more then one plant per bucket the roots tangle, other than that DWC is cool in my book.

GS300 Quantum Pro-Bloom; Check my gallery for True 3W diode pics.
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